Dust 514: The Crimson Harvest


CCP is holding an event for Dust 514, tying into the now-live Blood Raider sites in Eve Online. This event, The Crimson Harvest, is in response to the recent Blood Raider attacks in the Kamela, Huola, Sosala and Anka systems of New Eden. Participants who achieve the goals of the event will be awarded a full skill reset, and a skin for Amarr light dropsuit frames. The skin is white, and features black and crimson accents — the colours of the Blood Raiders.

The mechanics of the event are the same as the previous one. Two of the daily missions will be replaced with persistent missions lasting for the duration of the event. In order to earn the Skill Tree Reset and Refund device, players must kill 514 enemies. The target for receiving the ‘Tairei’s Crimson’ AM-L SKIN module is more easily attainable, requiring players to win 21 matches.

A Skill Tree Reset and Refund device costs 38,000 Aurum. It’s hard to put a price tag on an event-only skin, but the most expensive skins on the market costs 23,800 Aurum. The value of this prize package is somewhere above $30.00. That makes this one of the highest valued events ever run for Dust 514.

Crimson Harvest will be running from 11:00 UTC on October 22 until 11:00 UTC on October 29. This means that the event will run through the Eve Vegas weekend. This is bad timing to say the least, and all but the most die-hard Dust mercs attending Eve Vegas may find it hard to win both prizes.

Dust 514 is in a tough spot. The remaining fans are even more loyal and dedicated than Eve players. However, the PS3 is a platform at the end of its lifespan, which puts a limit on how long Dust can continue in its current form. While CCP took notice of the community-driven #PortDust514 event, showing that a vocal portion of the Eve player base would support the game on the PC, no plans to port or remake the shooter have been confirmed at this time.

This article originally appeared on TheMittani.com, written by Turk Fezzik.

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