Crimson Harvest

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CCP Weekly Wrap Up

Undeadenemy 2020-11-03

Welcome to the new CCP Weekly Wrap Up feature where we grab up the news stories from the previous week in case you missed anything. We have a lot to get to this week so we’ll jump right in. Patch…

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Devblog: Crimson Harvest

FroggyStorm 2017-10-26

No Halloween in EVE would be complete without a space vampire event. And CCP is not going to let the opportunity pass to add more of what pilots really want from the game. SKINS. </s> The devblog for the Crimson Harvest event is…

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Dust 514: The Crimson Harvest

TMC Archives 2015-10-20

CCP is holding an event for Dust 514, tying into the now-live Blood Raider sites in Eve Online. This event, The Crimson Harvest, is in response to the recent Blood Raider attacks in the Kamela, Huola, Sosala and Anka systems…