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Welcome to the new CCP Weekly Wrap Up feature where we grab up the news stories from the previous week in case you missed anything. We have a lot to get to this week so we’ll jump right in.

Patch Notes Version 18.10

Version 18.10 was deployed on October 29, 2020. The biggest changes for the game were the Intedictor and Interceptor rebalances. All the interdictors except the Sabre received fitting buffs as well as changes to their bonuses. Additionally, a new Stasis Webification Probe was added for the interdiction sphere launcher. The Stasis Webification Probe now has a three second delay, a 10km range, and a 30 second duration. For interceptors, the Claw, Crusader, Taranis, and Raptor all received a role bonus giving them a 100% increase to the benefits of overheating afterburners and microwarpdrives.  

The Crimson Harvest event sites were added and for the duration of the event the drop chance on destroyed capsuleer ships was increased to 90%. The drop chance applies to standard drops from structures. Further, wreck icons were changed to resemble pumpkins. Finally, the Crimson Harvest combat sites have a chance to drop a BPC for a Mobile Sanguine Harvester which collects frozen corpses.

ESS Update

CCP announced a refactor of the Encounter Surveillance System in a bid to encourage more PvP in ratting areas. While the details are still sparse, the ESS itself now has a “main” and “reserve” bank. The “main” bank pays out every three hours, while the “reserve” bank accumulates until someone goes in to take the money. Players looking to loot the “reserve” bank will need a key, which drops from an as yet unannounced content. The ESS itself now has a ruleset for 75KM around it. Warping, cloaking, cynos, and filaments, as well as MJDs and MWDs are disabled.

Crimson Harvest

Pilots have until 11:00 UTC on November 9, 2020, to receive Crimson Harvest gifts. Gifts include 60,000 skill points, SKINs, fireworks, and clothing. Omega pilots receive all of those, plus another 175,000 skill points, more SKINs, some Agency Boosters, and a Cerebral Accelerator. Players need to log in at least seven days to receive everything.

Malagrin Marshlight SKINs Return

As part of EVE’s Halloween Horrors, pilots have until November 9, 2020, to acquire the Malagrin Marshlight SKINs. In addition to the hulls the SKINs were available for last year, CCP added the Armageddon, Charon, Confessor, Cynabal, Dominix, Ferox, Hecate, Machariel, Naglafar, Nidhoggur, Panther, Phoenix, Prophecy, and Thanatos. The SKINs have a sweet jack-o’-lantern vibe to them so make sure to grab yours before November 9.

EVE Pulse

CCP released a new EVE Pulse video on YouTube, which covers many of the recent updates and events for the game. Check it out.

The Music of EVE on Spotify

CCP released the “Music from EVE Online” performance from the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra to Spotify. This performance originally took place at the Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Center at Fanfest 2013 for the 10th anniversary of EVE Online. The music was also included in the EVE Online Collector’s Edition. Now, anyone can enjoy it here.

Champions of the Abyss Results

CCP released the results from the ‘Champions of the Abyss’ which involved accumulating the most wins across the nine Proving Grounds events in Quadrant 3. The top performing pilot was Cable Uta, so go show him some love – if you dare. CCP released some nice prizes for the event, including 1000 PLEX and a unique medal for the Top 10, vouchers and free postage from the EVE Online Gear Store for the Top 5, and a ship model of choice from Mixed Dimensions for the Top 3.

EVE Online Breaks Two Guinness World Records

As announced by CCP and covered here at INN, the battle which has become known as “The Fury at FWST-8” broke two Guinness World records: “Largest multiplayer video game PvP battle” (8,825 players) and “Most concurrent participants in a multiplayer video game Pvp battle” (6,557 players). The battle in question took place over the course of 14 hours across October 6 and 7, 2020 and if you were there, you helped make history. Congratulations to all involved!

That’s a wrap!

Quite a busy news week for EVE Online this week. Make sure to look out for future CCP Weekly Wrap Up pieces here at Imperium News Network.

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