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Submission 2015-11-24

Jeff Edwards is a well respected, award winning, best selling author, and he is taking an incredible risk both for his career and his reputation to tell a story about EVE. Authors of Jeff’s caliber run in small circles. It’s…

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NC. and Imperium Brawl; 48B ISK Destroyed

Submission 2015-11-23

Northern Coalition and the Imperium clashed in MR4-MY on November 22, at approximately 19:41 EVE time. In the wake of the conflict, over 48 billion ISK worth of wreckage was left, along with much heartache for Northern Coalition and Space…

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Bill McDonough 2015-11-22

Friend of TMC Scott Manley is best known for his YouTube videos supporting and explaining Kerbal Space Program. He is also an aficionado of a great number of space games, including EVE Online. Scott has released a new video explaining…

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Loot Fairy Says “No” — 48B ISK SMA Drops Almost Nothing

Submission 2015-11-20

The loot fairy is a wondrous and spiteful creature. She appears the second anything explodes in EVE Online, deciding what drops and what is destroyed. Some days she is immeasurably gracious, but other days she is quite the opposite. Such…

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Submission 2015-11-19

“System just spiked, FC.” “They came in from the 0-SH1T gate, FC. Thirty Svipuls and a dozen of those Be Frosty Command ships. They warped your way…” “OK, logi, what the hell — you are all bunched up! Orbit anchor at 15k,…

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State of the Goonion Address: Cloud Ring Purge

Bill McDonough 2015-11-19

Thursday, November 19, saw the delivery of another State of the Goonion address from The Mittani, heralding the beginning of a new war for the Imperium. Streamed live on TheMittaniTV’s Twitch channel, the address named Pandemic Horde <REKTD>‘s nascent coalition, involving many…

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Conflict in Insmother: 300B ISK Destroyed So Far

Submission 2015-11-18

Drone Regions Federation (DRF) and Red Menace Coalition (RMC) are inflicting massive losses on each other as they battle in Insmother. Over the past three days, both of the Russian coalitions have committed huge forces for their respective causes, and…

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Grid Size Changes on the Horizon

Submission 2015-11-17

A key part of EVE you probably don’t think about much, the grid, is set to get a major overhaul in the near future. GRIDS – AN INVISIBLE CONUNDRUM A grid in EVE is the volumetric area that your ship…

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We Hear You Parallax

David Matterall 2015-11-14

The latest expansion for EVE, Parallax, hit last week and had its share of problems, but it also brought back an old friend: Music. This sure won over veteran players that grew up in-game listening to EVE music while they fumbled…

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Among the Stars: Hauling Dangerously

TMC Archives 2015-11-12

Eve is complex. Really complex. And to a new player, almost mind bogglingly so. When you come from other MMOs, where the primary source of equipment is killing something for it and looting the corpse, it seems impossible that the…

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Lessons in Trust

David Matterall 2015-11-10

There is a crossroads between the two highest profile news items talked about last week; The CSM Manny removal, and the Kickstarter Campaign for a “Fountain War” book. When the metasphere should have been dominated by the Amarr Champion Trials,…

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In Memoriam: The Legacy of Vile Rat and Sean Smith

Alexander "The Mittani" Gianturco 2015-11-09

(I was going to write this as a short broadcast to Goonswarm and the Imperium to mark the anniversary of Sean Smith’s death in Benghazi on September 11th, 2012. That short broadcast turned into an essay as the words and the grief…

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Module Tiericide Coming This Winter

Submission 2015-11-09

The ongoing project of Module Tiericide is an attempt to replace the meta-based module system with a new role-based system. Rather than a linear meta-level progression of power, the named modules will now offer a specialized role in their module…

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David Matterall 2015-11-07

The Council of Stellar Management (CSM) has lost its third member this term. This time it was the top vote-getter Manfred Sidious (Manny) from Pandemic Legion (PL). Manny was removed by CCP for reasons unspecified, but the worst kept secret…