Mordus Angels to Depart GOTG, Leaving Fade-Sized Hole


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Big news from the North as we move into the weekend, as a quick alliance meeting called by ChaosTheory (KOS) executor Syrianna Dragonblight revealed that Mordus Angels (MOA) is taking the next step in what is widely being referred to as a “fail-scade,” and leaving GOTG. According to Dragonblight, MOA’s “leadership is AFK,” and is having a hard time getting their people online to engage in Eve activities due to getting “real world problem’d,” among other factors.

The most significant impact of this news is that MOA will be moving out of GOTG Sov space. Per Dragonblight, “We’re not sure where they’re moving.” The remaining members of GOTG are adopting a wait-and-see attitude and letting MOA have the space to do what they need to do. Whether they will survive as a viable entity remains to be seen.

MOA’s departure leaves a Fade-sized hole in GOTG Sov , and GOTG has determined that the region will be too difficult to hold. KOS and the Solyaris Chtonium (SLYCE) will be dropping all of their holdings in Fade due to MOA’s move-out, and the Guardians will be moving out of Fade entirely, with the exception of staging system DO6H-Q, an entry point into Deklein that will likely be held by SLYCE or Darkness. MOA’s space in Deklein will be divided between SLYCE and KOS.

News of the move came as a shock to KOS’ rank-and-file, and apparently to MOA’s as well. Our sources tell us MOA’s people were not informed they were leaving, and MOA members openly lamented that “Goon spies have more info than us.”

Dragonblight did reveal some moves that will help GOTG fill at least part of the hole left by MOA. While Fade is too big for the alliance to hold, Ranger Regiment recently joined GOTG and will be living in Branch, taking 2-3 constellations from Darkness’ current holdings there. Meanwhile, Circle of Two (Co2) will be moving into Fade – not as official members of GOTG, but as friendly neighbors (renters?) – and will share intel channels and mutual defensive operations with GOTG.

MOA infrastructure, such as jump bridges, will likely not be replaced. However, KOS members were instructed not to unanchor their Fade-based Fortizars. These will be purchased by the alliance at a non-negotiable fixed rate (which Dragonblight estimated will be around 9-10 billion ISK), to be transferred to Co2 when they move in. Raitarus and other, smaller infrastructure may be reimbursed on a case by case basis. Mining resources will be reallocated – for example, KOS ice miners who lose access to K4YZ-Y will be given access to new ice in Deklein. Dragonblight was tight-lipped about what will happen to the C4C-Z4 Keepstar, but said there is a “secret plan” in place for it.

Co2 will only take Sov in Fade, and GOTG’s member alliances will split MOA’s Sov holdings in Deklein. As for Pure Blind, “Nobody gives a **** about Pure Blind,” Dragonblight said, noting that GOTG will likely be dropping its logistics Fortizar in NPC Pure Blind as they retreat further North. MOA may try to hold onto Sov in Pure Blind, or if not, may move to NPC Pure Blind or tell their member corps to join GOTG.

GOTG will maintain standings with MOA until they make their move, which Dragonblight estimated is “probably going to happen this weekend. Maybe next weekend. Between weeks? Who knows? I have no idea, really.”

“This just came all of a sudden, and we had to kind of react to it. I’ve known for basically two days,” he explained to his alliance.

As a result of the moves, he noted, upon losing its forward holdings in Fade, KOS will make 8S28-3 its new main staging system.

As for MOA, nobody seems quite sure where they’ll wind up, least of all the MOA members themselves.

UPDATE: Since this article’s writing, the acting CEO of MOA membercorp Arsenic. has apparently decided to get out while the getting’s good, and robbed the corp of 74 Billion ISK.

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  • Urandas

    AHAHA the banner art with darkness in the background now!

    May 26, 2018 at 3:56 PM
    • Arrendis Urandas

      That was just filler until the art team could get real header art, but thank you for noticing. There were a couple of implied messages there: First, that SLYCE seems to be taking more of a ‘front seat’ in things. It’s partially because this was a SLYCE alliance update, and partially because they’ve consistently been the most combat-focused group in GotG (and: an alliance update that talks about all this coalition business… but doesn’t mention Darkness? At all?). Second, even unmentioned through the entire update, Darkness remains a looming presence behind all of these moves.

      May 30, 2018 at 2:34 PM
  • Pure Blind just sitting there like, “What did I do wrong? Why does nobody give a shit about me? I’m a real region too!”

    Was MOA a “viable entity” prior to this announcement? I’ve only ever seen them dick around in stealth bombers and chestbeat about how they’re sinking Goons’ battleship by roaming cloaking frigates around Delve. AFAIK they’ve just been this persistent cancer of the North that’s been impossible to fully remove due to their basing out of SOE NPC space… long-lived, perhaps, but hardly what one would consider a viable nullsec entity. Holding a bit of sov for a short while courtesy of some friendly neighbors does not a viable alliance make.

    May 27, 2018 at 8:14 PM
  • highonpop

    I’m just here to remind everyone that MOA is, has always been, and will always be complete garbage.

    May 29, 2018 at 6:02 PM