15 Eve Online

How I Got the Hel out of Deklein – A Retvet Story

Shocku 2020-10-08

All art by Redline XIII. For the better part of a decade since I last played EVE Online, one of my pilots lay in cryosleep aboard a Hel supercarrier where she had logged off at a POS in a northern…

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Mordus Angels to Depart GOTG, Leaving Fade-Sized Hole

Savvy Kneel 2018-05-26

Header art by: Mintaki Big news from the North as we move into the weekend, as a quick alliance meeting called by ChaosTheory (KOS) executor Syrianna Dragonblight revealed that Mordus Angels (MOA) is taking the next step in what is…

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The End of an Era

Robby Kasparic 2016-07-22

The Fireside chat on July 17 was hyped more than normal. Those with ears behind the vale of leadership said this would be big, so missing it would leave you ill informed. I was sitting in the channel when the…