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Elite Dangerous Patch 2.4 Live

FroggyStorm 2017-09-27

Final communications between Asterope tower and the salvage craft Ibex CMDR Froggy: Tower, I have spotted significant starship wreckage and I have stopped to investigate. (FSD spooldown blackout) CMDR Froggy: Tower, do you copy? Well, there sure is a lot…

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Elite Dangerous: 2.4 “The Return” Beta Open, The Grind is Real

FroggyStorm 2017-08-22

There are a number of big ticket items along with many quality of life fixes in the works for the next regular update of Elite: Dangerous (E:D). All of which can be read and studied here. That being said, I…

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Elite Dangerous: New Thargoid Roundup

FroggyStorm 2017-08-05

The following article is a companion piece to my book review. A number of other sources have kept pace with each piece of the ongoing Thargoid reveal. I wish to supply the full list of what we know, including the…

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Elite Dangerous: Making your First 100 Million Credits

JoeBarbarian 2017-06-30

Elite Dangerous is unique in that there is no leveling system. The only restraint is your amount of credits, and once you have the credits to get yourself that perfect ship, you can do anything you want. For this guide,…

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Elite: Dangerous Community Media fills the void of space

Paramemetic 2017-05-03

Frontier has never been quite up front about the creation of content outside of the game itself, which may be for the best.  Frontier’s plots are revealed at a glacial pace through in-game community goals, and the few times Frontier…

8 Multicrew in Elite Dangerous. Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous’ Beta Update – Eating Multi-Crow

Paramemetic 2017-04-06

Last week, Frontier released the fifth Beta patch for Horizons 2.3, and in what has become predictable Frontier style, reverted key elements of the headline feature to ensure that it was neither fun nor worthwhile. I wish I could say…

5 Editorial

First Player-Owned System Conquered in Elite Dangerous

Paramemetic 2017-03-29

The War for Xihe In January, the Diamond Frogs began their move to take over the Xihe system, previously held by a player faction known as Space Poultry. Space Poultry was placed in the Xihe system as system controllers with…

2 Multicrew in Elite Dangerous. Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous: 2.3 Beta Impressions

Paramemetic 2017-03-23

Frontier opened up the beta for the Elite Dangerous 2.3 update several weeks ago, initially lacking its flagship multicrew functionality. The character creator has been more or less exactly as advertised, with players able to work with over 50 presets…

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Elite Dangerous Update Livestream Highlights Commander Creator, More

Paramemetic 2017-02-15

As the beta for the next update in the Horizons line approaches at the end of this month, Frontier announced that there would be two livestreams this week to demo the new features. Thursday’s livestream will cover multicrew, about which…

5 Multicrew in Elite Dangerous. Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous 2.3 – The Best of All Possible Crews

Paramemetic 2017-02-03

Frontier’s long-awaited multicrew update for Elite: Dangerous has been announced and will enter beta testing at the end of this month. Despite a history of critically bad decisions, it actually looks really, really good. Multicrew was announced as part of…

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Guardians Patch 2.2.03 is the shot in the arm Elite Dangerous needed

Paramemetic 2017-01-16

Last July, Frontier announced the beginning of the Guardians 2.2.03 Patch Beta Test, which would focus on stability and general tweaks and fixes as well as widespread balance adjustments to ships, weapons, engineering, and so on. In short, Patch 2.2.03…

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Elite Dangerous – Tales from the Black VI

FroggyStorm 2017-01-14

Previous entries in the Tales from the Black series Part I of Tales from the Black Part II Tales from the Black Part III Tales from the Black Part IV Tales from the Black Part V Tales from the Black…

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Diamond Frogs invade Xihe, find rare commodity: fun

Paramemetic 2017-01-12

Long time Elite players still foolish enough to have hope for the game can take some comfort in the latest news out of the Capricorni sector. Last November, the Diamond Frogs private military organization expanded their faction into the nearby…

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Elite: Dangerous: The Thargoids are Coming

FroggyStorm 2017-01-08

THE THARGOIDS ARE COMING THE THARGOIDS ARE COMING! Over the last 24 hours, the E:D communities of Reddit and elsewhere have been in an uproar. The long-awaited alien menace of the Thargoids have finally been sighted, though sighted might be…