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Elite Dangerous Odyssey Opens Alpha on March 29th

SatelliteMind 2021-03-12

On March 4, Frontier announced the open Alpha for their latest upcoming expansion for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey. For the first time players will be able to traverse on foot across the surfaces of planets and spaceports. To kick off this…

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Frontier Outlines Release Schedule for Elite Dangerous Odyssey

SatelliteMind 2021-01-24

COVID-19 has impacted a lot of things, and the latest Elite Dangerous expansion, Odyssey, is no exception. On January 13, Frontier issued a statement laying out how they plan to proceed with the release, dividing it into three phases: Alpha, PC…

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Frontier Development Unveils First Gameplay for Elite Dangerous Odyssey

SatelliteMind 2020-12-20

On July 3 Frontier Development announced the latest expansion for Elite Dangerous (ED) entitled “Odyssey,” with a cinematic showing players being able to get out of their ships for the first time. For those unfamiliar with Elite Dangerous, it was…

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What Black Desert Online may tell us about EVE’s Future

chimpy 2018-09-09

With the announcement of the outright purchase of CCP by Pearl Abyss, there’s significant panic among the players, myself included. The mood is reminiscent of a little village in Gaul whose chief, Vitalstatistix says “The sky may fall on your…

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Perseverance Triumphs over Frogs in Elite Dangerous

Paramemetic 2018-07-06

Elite Dangerous boasts an immense and complex reproduction of our own Milky Way galaxy, and within a small part of it, a bubble of populated systems which serve as the backdrop for most of the game’s systems. This backdrop is…

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Elite Dangerous “Beyond Chapter One” – What crime deserves this punishment?

Paramemetic 2018-01-22

Times have been hard for Elite’s players lately, with very few actually looking forward to updates. Since the disastrous release of multi-crew last year with Horizons 2.3, all but the most ardent forum defenders have remained skeptical of announced updates….

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The Content Gap

FroggyStorm 2017-11-20

When you play a single player game you expect a certain amount of effort. There has to be at least the roots of a story present to give you a reason to exist and play in the first place. Heck,…