What Black Desert Online may tell us about EVE’s Future


Art by Empanada.

With the announcement of the outright purchase of CCP by Pearl Abyss, there’s significant panic among the players, myself included. The mood is reminiscent of a little village in Gaul whose chief, Vitalstatistix says “The sky may fall on your head tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes.” After many false alarms, has tomorrow finally come for CCP, Eve, and us – the players on-stage? Will Andrew Groen get to write a third volume of the Empires of Eve? The future is uncertain, and so we look for clues to divine what our fate might hold. Pearl Abyss’s current mainstream MMO Black Desert Online (BDO) is where the soothsayers look, and it’s very different than Eve. I want to tell you what the soothsayers see when they cut BDO open to peer inside.

I am not going to compare the two games from the point of which “best.” That would be a fool’s errand, and despite being fully qualified, I want instead to introduce you to BDO to help you understand what Pearl Abyss (PA) and Kakao Games (KG) have done in their own online world. I am going to concentrate on game mechanics, not graphics or sound, because I feel this is the best content upon which to Judge PA’s and KG’s intent and understanding of game worlds. It is unlikely KG would work on Eve, but PA surely must have significant input on KG’s work on BDO.


I’m a filthy casual player in many games. To my credit, I am wise enough to have a valid mining permit so I’m not a complete goofus. Just like Eve, BDO has some quite complex systems. I only interact with some of these systems, get happy, and occasionally slowly osmose into other game systems. I cannot see the full picture of either Eve or BDO; as such you should treat my comparison as being limited and not full. I enjoy playing both games for different reasons. I invite you to please point out my omissions and errors in the comments so that others have the fullest information by which to understand PA and BDO.

Pay to Win

Let us begin our journey with what Eve and BDO would recognize in each other, and in a moment of rashness we will start at a contentions subject, Pay to Win (P2W). P2W is a major concern for MMO players, and I see many reactions to the PA news focus on P2W. The truth is that the topic of P2W is not as clear cut as it once was, and if we are going to talk about it we should explore some of the complexities of P2W. That P2W is complex is assuredly deliberate on the part of those people who want our money – all of it, not just some of it, all the money! It’s easy to get up in arms about an obviously exploitative P2W system like loot boxes in Star Wars Battlefront, but as publishers become more underhanded in their avaricious monetization, things become more blurred. Let’s take Eve as an example. PLEX might help a new player get into a ship they want quicker, but new players who can afford lots of PLEX, and who think that path is going to end in glory, are destined for a rude awakening and ignominious fame on the killboards. Eve’s scofflaws enthusiastically welcome clueless, PLEXed loot piñatas with the full warmth of overheated weapon systems. But give those same PLEX to an experienced vet who knows what they are doing and it’s a different story. Is Eve P2W? If a player was considering playing Eve for the very first time, and they came to you and asked “Is Eve P2W?” What would you say? I know what the goons would say “Buy some ships and let us transport them to goon space for you. We need 500 mil up front too.” In my opinion there’s no cut and dried answer to the question is Eve P2W? It’s murky.

So is BDO P2W? Yes sort of, but in the “sort of” way that Eve is. Possibly more. They have a subscription-type object called a value pack which adds bag spaces to all of your characters, and all of the town storage vaults, among other benefits. There are occasionally special items sold that give a definite advantage. For a while a package was sold in the real money shop that included a hedgehog pet. This pet has a 40% chance of doubling your resource collection every time you spend energy to harvest resources. The hedgehog pack was only for sale for a limited period of time, and is now unobtainable. This is probably the worst form of P2W that I have seen, and yes I bought one.

While I spent a bit of real money in BDO at the start, I’ve not spent anything for over a year now, and pretty much ignore the cash shop. I don’t buy value packs any more, and lost all the extra inventory space they gave me when they were active. However, every day you log, in you get some loyalty points for free. These loyalty points can be used to permanently purchase the same inventory space. Using loyalty points, I now have tons of inventory space. It’s permanent, but it took a long time to collect enough loyalty points to get this space. A new player would probably want to spend some money at the start, but over time you can ditch that if you want. That I ignore the cash shop now means I may be unaware of recent, more blatant P2W stuff in the shop. I keep seeing loot boxes being mentioned, but I can’t find them in the shop. Correct me on this, please.

Similarities between Eve and BDO

Both games are very time intensive. BDO’s structure and reward system are geared towards keeping you logged into the game, even if the game is minimized to your tray. I will often leave BDO minimized at work, or at home whilst playing other games. It is an AFKer’s paradise. Think AFK mining, but without the danger. Perhaps there is an opportunity for CODE to start selling fishing permits in BDO?

There is less PvP than Eve. Gatherable resources nodes dotted around the world can be conquered in PvP node wars. This does not secure the resources exclusively for the victors. What it does instead is generate a tax income for the victors from all players’ NPC gathering from that node. PvP scale in BDO in much smaller than Eve, but Eve leads the entire industry by orders of magnitude in how many PvPers can square off against each other in a single fight.

Both games feature extensive crafting. BDO crafting mainly results in consumables. If you wish to craft an item of high level, you do this by crafting many of the base item, and then smashing them together on the gear progression linear accelerator. To get a +3 garment you may make several dozen, if not several hundred, +0 garments and try to combine them against the will of the random number generator up the chain to +3. In this sense, although you end up with an item, you have consumed many base crafting materials, and many of the items you crafted themselves got consumed trying to make a better one. Note that a consumable item-driven economy fits perfectly to cash shops.

Both games thrive on group activities. In BDO these include sea monsters and alcohol, boats disappearing beneath your feet, and rescue missions. I don’t think BDO can reach the intensity of Eve at its height, but you sure can have some fun together.

What BDO Does Differently

BDO does some very interesting things that I’ve not seen an MMO before, and I’ve played most of the western ones since Asheron’s Call. Like some other MMOs, it has energy that accumulates on a character faster when that character is online, or builds more slowly while offline. BDO also has contribution points that you get as some quest rewards instead of experience points. These contribution points are used to open resource nodes around the world which can be farmed by NPCs you employ to harvest their resources. These resources are using in crafting. Contribution points can also be spent in towns to purchase rooms with functions. e.g. more storage space, crafting tables, residence space for more NPC workers. Building up a huge network of automatic resource gathering and crafting using contribution points is quite a fun part of the game.

All the characters on your account share all your resources. Want to make changes to your contribution point setup? You can do it from any character. Some knowledge you gain is shared across all characters. There are quests to learn about monsters by fighting them. Once you have that knowledge on one character, you have it on all. You accept the quest and turn it straight in. Increase your energy pool maximum, and it’s increased for all your characters.

There are very few restrictions on gear in the form of level requirements. My level 15 alt has much better gear, and consequently better stats, than my level 57 main. There are class restrictions on gear, but that aside, you appear to be able to use anything.

The leveling curve is downright weird. Levels 1-56 are considered to be a tutorial, and could be breezed through in a day or two by a geared alt. At 56, you get an awakening quest, which changes the game significantly. Then levels become a real grind. You might hit 60, but level progress after 60 is apparently agonizing.

BDO gives you a great deal of stuff for free, just for logging in. This is deliberate, putting a strain on your inventory space so you use cash to buy more. Currently, once a day I have to log on and go through the following “collecting free stuff” routine. Just logging in, up to 3 different loyalty rewards off 3 different loyalty tracks are automatically dropped into my inventory if there is space. In the in-game mail I am sent some free silver in-game currency. This amount goes up depending on the quests competed across all of my characters. I then play the black spirit adventure mini board game, roll a dice, move forwards some squares, and get the object in the square I land on. After 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 hours of being logged on, more free gifts are provided. I usually get these hours by fishing AFK on my laptop while in work, which itself generates more free stuff. During all this time, my NPC workers are gathering resources for me as long as I keep them properly beered up, something the Mittani and his goons should feel right at home with. It can be almost a full-time job managing the free stuff you are given. One important consideration is that while a lot of these items can be low value items, quite a few – say 2-3 per month, per loyalty track running – can be quite high-value items, around 80-100 million on the marketplace. It’s definitely not all junk.

What BDO Gets Right

BDO has a beautiful world to explore. This world continues to grow slowly as more zones are bolted on around the edges. Updates, both small and large, are fairly regular. New game mechanics get added. Every week there’s a new event with carrots for the player base to chase around the hamster wheel. The design is fairly original. I’m sick to the back teeth of games with elves and orcs. You will find them here, but there is so much more original content too.

An interesting gear upgrade system forms the backbone of game progression, but it’s a double edged sword, and get exponentially more grindy and frustrating the closer you get to the end goal. Given how grindy gear progression gets, I am pleasantly surprised at how little gear creep there is, although if someone ground their way to the end only for better gear to come out and the grind to start again from the beginning, I could see many players quitting.

In terms of scope, BDO keeps expanding the range of things you can do in a way that feels different to Eve. Sure the abyss is interesting, but it’s still just shooting at spaceships. It feels as if BDO has a wider scope of gameplay possibilities, both now and in the future. Eve seems to offer the same experience, just repackaged in different ways.

Users also do not have to log out of the game to get back to the character selection screen, or even to change server instances. . This makes for a lovely quality-of-life improvement.

Crafting and associated life-skill activity gives experience that count towards leveling your character. Combat is not the only option.

What BDO Gets Wrong

Player-to-player asset interaction is diabolical in BDO. Apart from a few minor irrelevant items, it’s impossible to give anything to another player – even a guild mate – including in game currency. The characters across your account share stuff, but for anyone else outside of your account you have to go through the player marketplace, and the marketplace will chew you up and spit out your broken, begging soul. Where shall we begin? How about the fact that you can only ever have one purchase order – called a pre-order – on the marketplace at any given time. I think they originally meant to monetize this by selling more pre-order slots, but forgot to do so. Just to add a slap to the insult, if you have a pre-order up, you get spammy notifications every time someone else buys that item off the marketplace. You can’t turn them off, or if you can, I haven’t found out how. Please, for the love of god, if you know how put it in the comments! More on spam later…

But that’s just for beginners as far as the marketplace goes. Allow me to blow your mind. All the prices are set by the devs, and what the buyer pays, and what the seller gets, are vaguely related at best. The dev set a price range for each item. You can sell most things on the market place, but you must choose a price within the range set by the devs for that item. For big ticket items, that range is set way below what players are prepared to pay. Want to sell a great big sword of twatting? Your maximum listing price will be 100 million, but the buyers competing have pre-orders up over a billion. The highest pre-order will win, and the buyer will pay, say 1.5 billion, for the item. But the seller only gets the 100 mil max listing price. The rest goes *poof* in a big cloud of fork you. BDO could not be more different from Eve in this respect. There is no free player-driven market. The state decides the price of goods and pockets the difference. Oh, and if you don’t have a cash shop value pack running when you go to collect the money from the market, 30% of what you did get is taken off you. No reason apart from “spend in cash shop please.”

The database code for the market is buggered too. If you search for an item without choosing a category first, your PC will explode no matter how powerful it is. Do not try this at home folks!!!

In many places, the BDO user interface is diabolical. To register an item on the marketplace, you have to click the item in your inventory, click accept the default price or change it, click register, then click “ok.” These click boxes appear in different places on your screen. Whenever numbers are needed, a little calculator-like keypad pops up on the screen. You can enter the number manually, but there are about a million little UI choices that gnaw at your soul. The best example of this in Eve is the “repair stuff” button in a station. The ISK amount is usually trivial, but the amount of button clicks in selecting, repairing, and “yes, I confirm I want to spend 1 whole ISK on repairs,” involved is absurd. Technically, these things work. But I always wonder if the person who made them actually plays the game themselves, because they would be the first thing I would fix.

Remember playing a new MMO for the first time? You are full of questions. The number one question of any player loading up BDO for the first time is, “How do I turn all the f***king notifications off?” BDO is probably the most spammy MMO I have ever played. It notifies you about everything, all the time, and it is difficult to figure out where to turn all of it off because it comes from so many different sources. Some, you can’t turn off. Each time you log on, a whole bunch of spam has built up while you were logged off, and BDO can’t wait to shove it in your face. If you bring up the world map in BDO, it knows you can’t see the notifications, and it will just store them all up for you so that when you get back it can notify you of several hundred things that happened. Almost all of it is trivial stuff. For example, if you are auto-crafting a batch of several thousand beer to keep your goons NPC workers happy, BDO will faithfully report on every single auto-craft as if it was big news. These near-constant notifications appear onscreen right where other game mechanics appear. Playing the cow milking game with constant notifications overlaying the minigame adds so much more to the experience. Again the issue is poor user interface, and no one seems to care.

Progression in the gear upgrade grind gets absurdly hard towards the end. You can sink untold resources into making that last step, burning far more in the last step or two than the journey so far in the first place. The black spirit mocks you.

When Worlds Collide

Monetization-driven and grind-based game mechanics, along with poor user interface and no desire to fix the obvious problems, are my biggest gripes with BDO. Despite all my whinging, it’s still a good game. The vistas and scenery are amazing. I get a very chill vibe from the game that really relaxes me. There is a good variety of places to explore, and they look gorgeous. The world feels large, with many things to do. The combat is interesting and involved. Constant updates keep the world and activities fresh with things to do, even if they do try their hardest to fill your inventory at every opportunity.

What does this say of Pearl Abyss and Kakao Games as custodians of an online world?

They are monetization-focused and very encouraging of clocked hours in-game. They don’t care if you are active or AFK. As long as the game client is logged in, that is the number one priority for them. This possibly speaks to their stance on botting. I know there are bots in BDO, and very little is done about it. CCP may find that dealing with bots gets put at the bottom of the priority pile, so far down that it probably gets locked away. Regular updates are another tool PA and KG use to try and encourage players to log in, so that’s a positive. I doubt they will let Eve stagnate on the update front. The BDO freebies just for logging in are a time sink in themselves. I expect some of that to head over to Eve.

What might this mean for Eve? Let’s imagine if they tried to BDOify Eve, what might that look like? There are game mechanics in Eve that I don’t believe could be changed because they are so fundamentally ingrained that to attempt to change them would destroy the game PA bought, such as the player driven free market or the infinite storage in stations, though I’m sure CCP database admins would love to try. Everything player-owned is destructible apart from permanent skins. If these mechanics are sacrosanct to Eve, then PA can’t sell premium P2W items that are indestructible. They can only sell items or buffs that are destructible. I wouldn’t be surprised to see PA introduce destructible items/buffs that can only be purchased from NPCs for PLEX, not ISK, maybe comparable to player-crafted items. Having additional PLEX sinks in game would make PA very happy, I think. BDO has a very high, fast throughput of its economy. BDO encourages consumption of resources and pushes free resources in to drive this consumption. We might possibly see that come to Eve, maybe prompting a drop in the cash cost of PLEX, but many in-game drivers encouraging their consumption in much larger volumes. This actually mirrors the CCP change from old PLEX to mini-PLEX, smaller with more sinks to encourage spending. Perhaps a few each day just for logging in, although the number of people with excessive alt accounts in Eve could put a spanner in the works of that plan.

Additional Thoughts

For me, one potentially worrying sign is a quote from Hilmar’s statement here.

“In business terms, CCP Games will continue to operate as a wholly owned independent subsidiary, with studios in Reykjavík, London, and Shanghai, and we’ll integrate our development and publishing expertise into Pearl Abyss’ operations for all current and future projects.” (Emphasis mine.)

That could be read as Pearl Abyss doing the coding for Eve, but it could also just mean the integration of coding teams into the Pearl Abyss corporate structure.

Another point of interest for me is the timing of the Pearl Abyss announcement in the context of previous announcements. Let’s say this acquisition has been several months in the making. You don’t do a $425 million deal without many months of due diligence. I would imagine more than six months and that estimate seems conservative to me.

A host change for Eve’s China server, Serenity, from Tiancity to Netease was announced less than one month ago.

CCP Seagull, Eve’s executive producer and probably one of the most influential people to have shaped Eve for the better over the four years announced her departure at the end of April, roughly four months ago.

Does today’s announcement add additional context to these?

The reality is that we don’t know what the future holds for Eve and CCP under Pearl Abyss, and it’s natural for people to worry what change might bring. Just remember, we play Eve to have fun. Don’t worry too much about the sky falling; tomorrow never comes.

Editor’s Note: As an opinion article, the views expressed are those of the author.

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  • highonpop

    $20 for a new tech 4 cruiser. $5 for lifetime insurance. $5 for an extra 10% ehp and dps. $10 for 20%. None of this is obtainable with ISK and cannot be contracted or sold on the in game market. Real money only via Eve Online website.

    This is the scenario that will cause the player base to riot again like we did with Incarna

    September 9, 2018 at 3:52 PM
    • Aiyana MacLaughlin highonpop

      And you will be replaced simple as that , pearl is gonna get their half a billion back period. And to do that they need new players constantly signing up to keep the micros and the money coming ANYTHING that causes new players to not want to stay will get nipped in the butt. That means no emergent content , no more scamming and possibly just possibly a return to the Risk vrs Reward idea that made EVE so great. And say good buy to a handful of cheap ass DD’s blowing up billion plus isk loot pinatas or ganking afk miners in high sec with little to no risk involved on the gankers part because that runs players IE the money away.

      Personally I doubt 0.0 , null and wormhole space will change much but I would bet there are gonna be plenty of high and low sec changes because by the time you get out of high and low you are usually experienced enough to know what you are getting into but the driving away new blood in the name of emergent game play will end and very fast.

      I have said before and probably will say again EVE has always had the chance of being the #1 MMO out there if the toxic player base would let be , the new owners unlike CCP almost certainly are gonna care more for new players then keeping the old ones around. And the idea y’all are gonna burn EVE down if you do not like the changes , say hi to the ban stick for me. You do not spend half a billion on a game or anything if you do not have a plan for getting your money back.

      And for those that doubt what I am saying look what happened with STO going from P2P to P2W , their devs said no major changes and now look at it I doubt many of the original players like myself still play but the game is going strong last I checked. In the world of Korean MMO’s old players can always be replaced.

      September 9, 2018 at 6:07 PM
      • I agree that PA will do whatever they think will make the most money within certain restrictions. But the assertion that ganking is bad for player retention has been disproved by CCP themselves. At fanfest 2015 CCP gave a presentation that specifically and strongly refuted that false proposition that refuses to die despite hard evidence to the contrary..
        BDO is very heavily metrics based. The amount of measurments they take on their players is staggering. PA will base all Eve decisions off game metrics, and the game metrics do not support making high sec safer in a game where pvp = fun and long term retention for the players.
        We are more likely to see increased AFK drivers because BDO has demonstrated that PA believes very heavily in significant player assets result in gamers being too heavily invested to leave.If anything PA encouraging AFK Eve gameplay will just provide more content for gankers, assumng the gankers can keep up.
        The toxic playerbase comment also flies in the face of reality. Eve has one of the most friendly playerbase of all games, e.g. fanfest, alliance tournament, mettups all around the world, over $100K raised by players for the family of CCP Blaze. Most players can differentiate between character behaviour in game, and behaviour as players out of game. Some can’t. Enemies in game can share beers an laughs in real life meetups. That’s not the sign of a toxic community.

        September 9, 2018 at 7:23 PM
        • Aiyana MacLaughlin chimpy

          lol what game have you been playing for the last 14 yrs , I have seen CCP say so many boldface lies in the past I really doubt there assertion that high sec ganking is a net positive just like the assertion that there are 300-400 active accounts is obviously false just based on the daily logins. Also the switching over to FtP light happened what 6 months or so ago , not likely a coincidence.

          And yes toxic player base in game does not equal toxicity out of game but how many times on this web site alone do we hear “I love to read about EVE but I could never play it”

          September 9, 2018 at 8:18 PM
          • So your argument is CCP is wrong, and you are right? Interesting….

            September 9, 2018 at 8:41 PM
          • Here’s a link to the video where CCP presents the evidence based on numbers and facts. It starts within 2 minutes

            September 9, 2018 at 8:46 PM
        • Tsc Admin chimpy

          And it’s not like any vandalisms or suicide scandals ever occurred at fanfest.

          September 17, 2018 at 7:03 AM
      • Garreth Vlox Aiyana MacLaughlin

        “And you will be replaced simple as that” no not as simple as that, EVE has had issues for years getting new people into the game and keeping them here. And letting them pay even more money to get stuff that can still be blown up is not going to solve that issue. They would have to make MASSIVE mechanics and UI changes to attract that many new players and keep the, and it would cost them just as many lost players as they gained, because vets are not going to sit here and watch you make a theme park out of eve.

        September 9, 2018 at 7:48 PM
        • Aiyana MacLaughlin Garreth Vlox

          actually it is that simple the main reason people do not want to play EVE is all the horror stories they hear on sites like this , you can count on a expanded “Under New Management” ad campaign to counter that soon , as for the changes not really many needed to make this a more player friendly game. All you really have to do is make high sec more friendly by enforcing rules that already exist or slight modifications to the mechanics of the game and another not likely coincidence is that fact CCP made the contract scam harder to do and is talking about fighting harassment.

          CCP knows full well that to expand the player base means pissing of a vocal “MINORITY” of the players off and has been unwilling to do so for various reasons. Like it or EVE is about to go mainstream and if you do not like that then either put on your big girl panties and tough it out or carry out y’alls threats to quit either way after a half a billion invested in it EVE is going no where soon . and I seriously doubt y’all are going any where either since you are probably addicted by now …

          And you do not need to make EVE a theme park just more new player friendly , as I already said I doubt any real changes outside of High and Low sec which lets face it highsec is often more dangerous the wormhole space and certainly more dangerous then most of low sec 🙁

          Bring back the idea of risk vrs reward many of y’all claim to care about and we can keep new players not scare em off .

          September 9, 2018 at 8:18 PM
          • Garreth Vlox Aiyana MacLaughlin

            “Bring back the idea of risk vrs reward many of y’all claim to care about” It never left, there is risk to do everything in this game.

            September 9, 2018 at 9:06 PM
          • Garreth Vlox Aiyana MacLaughlin

            “CCP knows full well that to expand the player base means pissing of a vocal “MINORITY” of the players off’ It has nothing to do with the actual addition of players but how they go about it. I’d love to see 10,000 new people join the game but not if it means turning high into a WOW like theme park clone so nobodies feelings get hurt and all the little new bros feel completely safe, which ironically would be the opposite of the Risk v Reward you keep bringing up.

            September 9, 2018 at 9:09 PM
    • Alot highonpop

      Filthy casual that I am, I’d happily pay for a life time insurance for my ship so that I could go pve in piece (and not be bothered with other players blowing me to pieces) – even if it had a month cooldown. Short of that I’ll just be chilling in elite, enjoying them first person lazors.

      September 10, 2018 at 12:31 PM
    • Tsc Admin highonpop

      And here I paid $20 for black leather pants so I could look at my main’s ass as I walked about in stations.

      September 17, 2018 at 7:00 AM
  • WhiteHalo117

    BDO is at best super fringe pay to win, what you described is a quality of life improvement that you pay for. Also the hedgehog is still obtainable…You can get it through refer a friend bonus if you don’t buy the game through steam for free.


    I mean this article doesn’t give me the impression that you played BDO very long. I only played for 3 months and know about the free hedgehog…. Also the reason you can’t trade equipment, shards, ect. is because players who are stupid rich (Bladememeques) and are full TET farming high end content for 60-100m per hour would just give friends starting out full TRI or TET boss gear. This would completely ruin the game and detract from feeling a sense of accomplishment from enhancing your first Tri > TET > PEN piece of gear. Hell in the time I played I did seamonsters with a good guild and made 1.2 bil in one month which just requires a sailboat or frigate.

    September 9, 2018 at 4:14 PM
    • chimpy WhiteHalo117

      Thanks for the info. As I said I’ve not paid much attention to the cash shop for a while. I was using the hedgehog as one of the worst examples of P2W that I could think of in BDO. I wanted to give an example of why I believe that BDO is further down the P2W path than Eve. Although when you really think about it, PLEX can be fairly P2W.

      September 9, 2018 at 7:05 PM
  • Guilford Australis

    I think it’s clear that EVE in its current form, with its modest number of players relative to more conventional MMOs, will not create the revenues any investor who just dumped half a billion dollars would expect to see. Everyone seems to be focusing on possible changes to the monetizing systems, but I’m more concerned about the kind of changes to mechanics and game-play we might see if PA wants to double or triple the player base to create the revenue scale that would justify their investment. They might multiply the number of players by mainstreaming the game and eliminating all the hard mechanics that the current players have learned to live with, but I suspect it wouldn’t look like EVE anymore.

    September 9, 2018 at 7:04 PM
    • hatunzoth Guilford Australis

      The sad thing is many, if not all, only think in few alternatives.
      F2P with a lot of microtransactions P2W.
      F2P with a lot of costumes.
      B2P with the same above.
      S2P (WoW), which is rare, and considering the latest activision/blizzard news, bad idea.

      January 17, 2019 at 12:01 AM
  • Aiyana MacLaughlin

    Lol y’all are missing my point but it does not matter my little section of EVE is unlikely to change , but the point is you do not have a choice EVE is gonna change and go mainstream because someone else thinks it is worth more then half a billion to do so and they are right , will it be the same …. Nope , will it piss off and run away a lot of people …. Yup …. Will the new owners care …. not one bit , Will CCP be able to do anything about …. nope. If you really think CCP has any real control after being bought out for half a billion I got some ocean front property in ohio to sell you and if you think you can threaten the new owners like y’all have done with CCP you do not really understand how these things work.

    So put on your big girl panties and roll up your sleeves and learn the new Zen of EVE or find a corner and curl into a fetal position and cry yourself to sleep.

    And seriously making high sec more new player friendly will not turn EVE into a theme park and may be just what null and 0.0 need , a bunch of new players bored with high sec that have actually had time to learn the game …. oh wait that will be more competition to be leet …. no no no can not have that DEATH TO EVE BURN JITA DOWN.

    Seriously …

    September 9, 2018 at 9:36 PM
  • Rodzilla McCloud

    Only time will tell what will happen. Don’t take position on what you might do before they had a chance to prove their worth if they have any. Also, the game might be better you never know.

    September 10, 2018 at 6:32 AM
  • I think this might be more for ccp’s management and publishing, then anything effecting BDO or eve games directly. BDO has 5 (I think, 6 once the Xbox ver is out) different versions depending on location, esp diff are the cash shop items and prices (EU/US is the least p2w too apparently). CCP has a successful and global single version. Also BDO’s publishers don’t have the best rep, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them all go to CCP.

    September 10, 2018 at 6:58 AM
    • chimpy cjb110

      Very good point about the BDO cash shops in different regions offering different levels of P2W. Thanks. Also reminded me that Eve is different in China. They stopped patching it a fair while ago. It might get brought up to date as they change platform providers, but it’s a big “might”.

      September 10, 2018 at 7:29 AM
  • Eli

    BDO does sound like a very badly developed alternative version of Elder Scrolls Online (which incidentally is brilliant). It’s just a pity ESO’s game company didn’t take over Eve. Walking in stations would be a fashion contest every year and the graphics would be absolutely amazing. So too would be the PVE experiences.

    September 10, 2018 at 6:59 AM
  • EVE has been fucked up since Soundwave quit anyway. v0v

    September 10, 2018 at 7:14 AM
  • toobokoo

    Mining permit. Seriously?

    September 10, 2018 at 9:08 AM
  • Ralix

    2 things I think people are missing about BDO and PA is 1) the position BDO is in and 2) how the mechanics and progression make the cash shop different.

    Firstly is that BDO is the only fast paced, true action open world MMO on the western market. everything else is either slower paced, instanced based, dungeon crawling instanced based, or uses hybrid or tab target combat. The game along with that offers a plethora of extra features that are great for other forms of progressions and RP. Which despite not being interwoven mechanically speaking still provides a variety of play and ways to earn money.

    secondly the cash shop. you mentioned the limited time purchase hedgehog which was also rewarded to players for free who played on 30 or so separated days within appx a 35-40 day period. the pack increases inventory, and reduces market place tax, and gives access to the dye pallet can be considered more so convenience than P2W due to the nature of the game. money is power for the most part but can be grinder and obtain fairly easily and is given to players based on their fame making the not so small but not so large tax break an after thought. increase inventory space is generally considered convenience not P2W by most MMO players. and lastly the pallette is purely cosmetic.However with that said the market place does teeter a line as a lot of what is done in BDO can be considered a chore or busy work at times thus making items heavy in convenience seemingly and almost practically P2W.

    what does this mean for EVE online
    firstly consider EVE barely has competition for its field save for maybe ED but ED doesn’t give players overly massive fleets. this will allow PA to cut certain corners. however considering what PA has done to bring in new and old players as well as retain them EVE is likely to see some decent player rentention, and probably some loyalty play bonuses. still I’d keep a weary eye on the whole thing, as bdo suffers from feeling like a chore you have no choice but to do because nothing combats it’s niche, EVE may end up with some lacking bits as it rarely faces a challenge to its niche.

    September 10, 2018 at 11:55 AM
    • chimpy Ralix

      Some really great points thank you. One thing I wish I had remembered to put in the article was as you go down the gear crafting grind you consume valuable resources, memory fragments, to repair the damage crafting does to your gear. These expensive memory fragments can have their effect tripled by buying an item off the cash shop. It may not quite be buy the best weapon and armour from the cash shop, but BDO sure is close to P2W. Spend money reduce the grind.

      September 10, 2018 at 12:33 PM
      • Ralix chimpy

        totally forgot about that item and yeah you’re right that item is P2W. from Tri up you would need a lot costing you hundreds to maintain well, but up till then it is very P2W.
        certain arguments people make against that is that it’d be such an obscene cost for higher levels but considering Tri could be considered end game gear, even if it’s not Pen creates an issue.

        September 10, 2018 at 7:13 PM
  • Nathan Allen

    To point out a few of BDOs other egregious pay to wins of late: The camping tent recently added to the game gives players a mobile store to buy potions and convert heavy stores of Silver in their inventory to much lighter gold bars, a mobile repair station, and a mobile storage unit. These three items are purchased separately in game and cost millions of silver, as well as lasting only a handful of days. Unless you buy the cash shop tent for 50 USD. Then the upgrades are permanent.

    The best gear in the game: Griffon Helm, Bhegs Gloves, Urugons Boots, and Dim Tree Spirits Armor, are mismatched hideous items that result in a full body ghille suit with the head of a bird, bone gloves, and doofy ancient looking shoes. This is intentional, in order to encourage players to buy cosmetic cash shop items.

    Upgrading end game gear is covered pretty well, but you failed to mention a few things: Failing to upgrade through the rng system results in a few nasty effects. Firstly, your III (Tri) weapon that adds 98 – 105 damage falls to a II (duo) one that adds 91 – 97 damage, then failing again to I (pri), effectively ruining the item. Secondly, the max durability decreases. When max dura hits 0 you’re done, you now have a 500 million silver brick that you likely invested far more into. These items can be repaired 1 of 2 ways: mulching a non upgraded version that costs 100 – 600 million silver and restores 10% durability, or restoring durability 1% at a time with memory frags: repair items that are tedious and time consuming to grind. You can buy an item in the cash shop that quadruples the durability restored by these items, saving you millions and millions of silver. Remember that III to II to I I mentioned earlier? You can protect the enhancements level with an item called Cron Stones. These Cron Stones can be purchased at any blacksmith for 1m each, if you have enough to cover the cost of the item you’re enhancing, a failure will consume Cron Stones instead of your Enhancement level falling. These have been in the game for awhile, but as you need hundreds if not thousands of them to do anything most players ignore them. Until a recent change made it possible to consume cosmetic outfits bought through the cash shop in exchange for Cron Stones. For a few thousand dollars you can make half a dozen free attempts to upgrade your gear to the highest levels with no fear of failure beyond that of watching money go down the drain.

    September 10, 2018 at 1:56 PM
  • imsosly

    R.I.P R.M.T.


    September 10, 2018 at 10:30 PM
  • Garreth Vlox

    There are plenty of stories out there where some idiot tried to scam screwed it up and wound up the one out of isk. Ganking is only risk free when done in a titan with a whole fleet of titans backing you up and both NC. and PL. are too scared of goons supers to do that atm.

    September 11, 2018 at 10:54 PM
  • hatunzoth

    I thought to return to Eve Online.
    I had fun 2 years ago, but some coalition war i dont remember now made farming impossible.
    And now another good game falls into the hands of chinese companies.
    Im wondering why P2W is accepted there so much that not just gamers there dont complain much, but also give so much money to those companies that now they are on the hunt for western companies.

    January 16, 2019 at 11:42 PM