Capitals vs BLOPS : 45B ISK Brawl in Placid


“It is important to note that it was the charisma of Niraia that swayed the battle in our favor…”


On January 31, at 03:33 EVE time, the first shots were fired during an engagement between Cynosural Field Theory (MOROS) and Snuff, TISHU, and Rapid Withdrawal (RDRAW). The fight, which lasted less than thirty minutes, took place in the Placid system of Anchauttes and cost an estimated 45B ISK.


During the brawl, MOROS fielded seven dreadnoughts, two Archons, and five heavy interdictors, while Snuff/TISHU/RDRAW brought thirty-nine BLOPS battleships and two Pilgrims.

Quadra Toorory, the fleet commander leading the MOROS fleet, was more than happy to tell the story leading up to the fight.

TMC: Thank you for your time! How did all of this start off?

Quadra Toorory: A good group of us had insured our dreadnoughts a little while ago and the insurance was running out, so we wanted to go out and fight. We had heard reports of a Nyx in Oulley, so we moved over to a mid-point to jump into Oulley and logged off our HICs around where we thought he was.

TMC: I’m guessing you never found it? How did you manage to find Snuff & friends?

QT: Yeah. We never found it. Everyone wanted to go home, but as we were scouting ahead, we came across two Naglfars at a cyno in Anchauttes. I ordered the fleet to align to the next gate and well, we figured we might as well kill something. Even if we died, we were fully insured anyway and would get the payout, so it was a win-win. We began taking gates to save ourselves from jump fatigue and just as we landed, so was a Snuff Loki. We jumped though and warped directly to the Naglfars. Unfortunately, one was already out of siege and had warped as we landed.

TMC: The Snuff Loki probably followed and called them all in! What happened next?

QT: We killed the first Naglfar and then Snuff started to land. A cyno goes up right next to us and they started to pour in. Fortunately it was all BLOPS and they were 30km away, so I just started broadcasting targets and had a field day. They started to die rather fast until they got closer.

TMC: Well, you didn’t have much subcap support, so you didn’t have the right help to drop ships in close range.

QT: Right. When they came in close we had no real subcap help other than HICs. All we had was a T2 web fit on a Moros. We used it to our advantage and managed to grab a few more kills before eventually dying in a glorious ball of fire.

TMC: When did you all disengage?

QT: Snuff had basically bailed at that point after losing half of their BLOPs fleet and that was when we left as well. A Snuff pilot was very kind to web one of our Moroses into warp instead of pointing it. She managed to refit and warp out. We lost another Moros after that, but we had gone there to die anyway, so it was nice to get three of them out.

TMC: Awesome! It looked like a pretty even fight ISK wise.

QT: Yea. Props to Snuff and TISHU for fighting and not instantly dropping titans to DD us all. It is also important to know that it was the charisma of Niraia that swayed the battle in our favor! She ended up with six killmarks on her dread, which was pretty cool to see:

The Moros’ kill markings can be found amidships, up from the centerline.


The fight between MOROS and Snuff & friends was fairly even ISK war-wise. Cynosural Field Theory dealt 25B ISK in damages, while taking just over 20.2B ISK in losses. The most expensive kill in its class, was Kahless Monstrosity’s Sin. The nearly fully faction module-fit BLOPs battleship cost 2.3B ISK and took nearly 42,000 damage before exploding.

This article originally appeared on, written by Lemba.

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