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Battle Report: Saturday Shootout

Elthar Nox 2022-01-10

A quiet Saturday morning shootout over an iHub in Feythabolis escalated into a small but intense dread brawl between the Imperium and FI.RE Coalition. As the fallout from yesterday’s diplomatic cluster starts to unravel, the space once occupied by The…

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Morning Stroll Through BMNV – Flawless Victory

Johnny Crowe 2017-09-04

The System BMNV-P is nestled nicely within the Syndicate region; the Initiative’s staging  system is right next door. It was attacked this morning by the Mercenary Coalition (MC). What looked like definitely a trap, too good to be true, turned…

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Dread brawl in V-KDY2

Rhivre 2017-04-14

Easter weekend 2017 was barely an hour old when a dread brawl kicked off in V-KDY2 in Scalding Pass, with Rote Kapelle, Hashashin Cartel and NullSechnaya Sholupen taking on The Bastard Cartel (TBC). According to Nathenial from TBC, they were holding an…

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PL, FLEEP, & -DROP Destroy FETID Capital Fleet

TMC Archives 2016-03-10

“Drop the hammer. Drop the hammer.” – FETID Fleet Commander It’s a Trap! March 6, in the Molden Heath system of Altbrard. A trap was set for FETID, an alliance living in the region. Frequent use of their capital fleet…

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Capitals vs BLOPS : 45B ISK Brawl in Placid

TMC Archives 2016-02-02

“It is important to note that it was the charisma of Niraia that swayed the battle in our favor…” THE STAGE On January 31, at 03:33 EVE time, the first shots were fired during an engagement between Cynosural Field Theory…