PL, FLEEP, & -DROP Destroy FETID Capital Fleet


“Drop the hammer. Drop the hammer.” – FETID Fleet Commander

It’s a Trap!

March 6, in the Molden Heath system of Altbrard. A trap was set for FETID, an alliance living in the region. Frequent use of their capital fleet put them on the RADAR of the locals and super powers in the surrounding regions.

According to Dracos Rhaghar of Iron Armada:

“FETID abandoned their alliance with Dead Terrorists to join the ‘Good Guys Coalition’, taking a large number of Dead Terrorists’ moons with them. They then handed the moons out to members of the coalition. After Shadow Cartel deployed to help Dead Terrorists, FETID abandoned another set of allies to move to Molden Heath in an attempt to take control of MH from our coalition.”

During the 68.3B ISK engagement, FETID was reacting to a combined DropBear Sanctuary and Iron Armada fleet that was attacking a POS nearby. As FETID fully committed their capital fleet, Pandemic Legion pounced with a supercapital wing.

The first part of this video is the supercapital fleet, led by RoCkEt X:

Pandemic Legion – A Tale of Two Fleets

Junker Man, of DropBear Sanctuary on what caused the fight:

“FETID figured out a counter to our ‘Hammer’ doctrine and made their own fleet to beat us. We RF’d a tower and our original batphone let us down due to bigger plans, so we contacted PL and they told us it was best to hit in their timezone. We had spies feeding FETID intel, so the plans to bring PL in were kept quiet. The day came and we saw they had a massive number increase in Bosena and we started hitting their tower with subs and some capitals. They dropped some caps on top of us and then we dropped more. As we expected, they put even more capital ships on the field. That was when PL came in and wiped the FETID fleet.”

Pandemic Legion’s Perspective

TMC reached out to RoCkEt X, the fleet commander during the super capital ambush.

TMC: We heard from the local groups that FETID was becoming a problem for Molden Heath. Is this when you all decided to intervene?

RoCkEt X: The dudes (FETID) up in Molden Heath have been throwing caps around a lot recently. FETID is smaller, but arguably more powerful, than the other local groups and essentially the conflict in the area is FETID vs. Iron Armada/DropBears. We’d been looking at baiting them, but we wanted the bait to look authentic. We talked a bit, the DropBear FC and I, and decided to hit a tower around midnight, as it would look odd if Iron/DropBears went and hit a FETID R64 during FETID’s primetime.

TMC: How did the fight go down from your point of view?

RX: DropBears fielded a fleet of battleships, dreads, and some triage. FETID countered with BSs, triage, and their Bhaalgorns started to neut out the IG/Dropbear dreads. Unfortunately for FETID, their cyno was lit too close to the enemy dreads, which made short work of their carriers. FETID was forced to escalate quickly, as nues were not stopping the incoming DPS from the other fleets dreads. Then FETID “dropped the hammer”. You can see their POV below where you can hear them making the call:

FETID vs Pandemic Legion, and some random locals.

RX: We moved our supers and one titan, piloted by Killah Bee (another PL FC), and as soon as FETID went siege green, I knew we’d have to act quickly if we wanted to stop the bait fleet from taking super heavy losses. I pulled the trigger, we logged on, and jumped into the fight. The enemy caps melted extremely quickly and once all the caps were dead, we turned our attention to subs, but they were MJD’s 100km off the field by an overeager pilot in the friendly fleet.

TMC: Do you think you could have killed more if you waited?

RX: When answering batphones, it is always important to keep our word. The information given to us was content, so it is important to do what we can do to ensure the arrangement benefits both parties. We went home extremely happy and with a load of dread kills.

TMC: Sounds great! Do you have anything you’d like to add?

RX: Thanks to both DropBears for giving us the opportunity and to FETID for having the nuts to go all in. I understand they have been really good sports about it, even though I kind of ruined their fight by dropping the Legion’s hammer squarely on their heads.

The Cost

FETID fieled fourteen capital ships and lost all of them, costing the group over 59B ISK, while DropBear Sanctuary lost three dreads to the tune of just over 9.1B ISK. The strategic objective and ISK war were taken by the combined forces of DropBear and Iron Armada.

This article originally appeared on, written by Lemba.

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