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Hello everyone, I am Joshua Guldan, Lead Storyteller for Madison Under Siege.

Madison Under Siege is a Gaming Group that will be running four tabletop events set in the World of Darkness at Gen Con 2016. These four events will be running concurrently in the same room, and actions at one table will impact circumstances at another table. After Gen Con we will also expand our game with the release of a Living Campaign. Player actions at the Gen Con events will have a major impact on modules for the Living Campaign.  We will be publishing a series of Dev Blogs that will go over the details for each of our gaming systems, setting, mechanics, living campaign, and meta plots.

For the Gen Con Event players will choose from a list of premade characters with full background stories, stats, and goal sets. Picking your character is first come first served, with a limited pool of characters to choose from. The list of characters, with short public descriptions, will be released in an upcoming Dev Blog.  Once you have chosen your character, you will be given your full background history. Contacting us ahead of time will also give you the option to make your own character and work with your Storyteller to weave its background into the history of Madison.

Gen Con will be held at the Indiana Convention Center from August 4th to the 7th! Event registration starts May 15th, see Gen Con’s website for more details.

“Featuring hundreds of game companies, award-winning authors and artists, costumed attendees, more than 15,000 events, a Family Fun Pavilion, and the debut of exciting new games, Gen Con truly is The Best Four Days in Gaming!” – Gen Con 2016

And now I am proud to present you with our event teaser!

Madison Under Siege Gen Con Event Teaser

Welcome to Madtown!

The Year: 2015.

The Avatar Storm has come and gone, changing Mage society and much of the Umbral landscape. This allowed for the Nephandi to enact a plan of almost complete control over the Mages of this world. The Withering has destroyed the power of Generation for the Kindred. Now they must learn how to survive in this new political landscape, where skill is more important than age or Generation. Imbued Hunters have arisen to fight and understand the supernatural, as if something is reacting to the darkness that sieges this world. Garou continue their failing battle with the Wyrm and Weaver, as humanity continues to fall to corruption. In the wake of the Maelstrom, the Wraith Empires have been wiped from the Tempest and Shadowlands. By inhabiting the bodies of the dead, many Wraith and Spectres have found a way to escape the Maelstrom and make it back to Earth.

These events and many more have lead to the World of Darkness becoming a much more dangerous place. The world hasn’t ended, but it sure has changed since the 90s!

In Madison, Wisconsin these events have caused this once proud and powerful city to wane into a state of corruption and chaos. Known to the world as “77 square miles surrounded by reality,”  this city was once a beacon of hope. Before the Avatar Storm, the city of Madison was controlled by four major powers: Garou, Kindred, Mages, and Wraith. These four powers have a truce in place that has lasted for decades. It allows for each group to control their aspect of Madison, without stepping on too many toes. Wars have sparked up between the groups over the years, but for the most part the Tradition Mages, Anarch Kindred, liberal Garou, and powerful Wraith have existed in an odd state of peace or cold war.

However, this truce has been pushed to its limit ever since the Avatar Storm. When the storm hit, it shook the supernatural society, on and off Earth, to its core.  In 1999, it changed everything and created an opportunity that had never existed before. The four powers became three. The Wraith Necropolis of Madison was destroyed in the wake of the Maelstrom and the balance of power that had once protected the city was disrupted. A dark force saw this opportunity and used it to gain control of Madison.  A feat it once thought impossible. The long road to the year 2000 was bumpy, but things have gone off road ever since.

In the year 1999, Imbued Hunters arose from the ashes of the Wraith Empires that once held back Oblivion. By 2007, they had created a school for the Imbued in Madison, Wisconsin, a school created for those that wish to understand the supernatural and not blindly destroy them. They have spent most of their time in the city cleaning up the mess left by the Avatar Storm and Maelstrom. These storms ravaged much the spiritual community, allowing many banes and spectators to breach the barriers between worlds, terrorizing the mortals of Earth.

After the Avatar Storm ended in 2005, the Tradition Mages of the world tried to reform under new names, only to find that corruption is tempting indeed. In Madison, a group of powerful, corrupt Mages called the Nephandi took over the Leadership Council. Only the apprentices of the old Council know about this dark secret.  A rebellion is growing that hopes to overthrow and expel them, but these Nephandi have many loyal Mages wrapped up in their lies.  The rest of the Mages of Madison must be persuaded to see the Truth, before any direct action can be made against them.

In 2005, Kindred scrambled to understand what to do in the wake of the Withering; many of the most powerful Kindred, some say even the Third Generation, became thin-blooded. They must now regrow their Blood Potency through time and effort. Age can be an advantage, but knowing how to adapt is the key to survival. The Anarchs that have ruled Madison for decades must now prepare for an assault by a newly-restructured Camarilla.

Garou fight an ever-growing, uphill battle with the Wyrm and the Weaver. As the power of their revered spirit, the Wyld, is ever-shrinking, while the use of technology and corruption grows in almost every country on Earth. And in 2015, the Wyrm dealt a terrible blow to the Garou of Madison, by killing their greatest warrior in a battle that will be talked about for generations.

Madison may not look as bright as it once was but there is still hope. In the year 2015, tragedy will strike and set off a chain of events that will forever change the world.


Madison’s Imbued: (Hunter The Reckoning, 10 Player, Tabletop 1st Edition) The Hunter Academy seeks to sweep Madison clean of hostile paranormal activity. An investigative adventure plays out as you discover new sinister foes that will challenge your Hunter Edges. Can you solve or resolve your assigned paranormal cases without stirring the Vampires, Mages and Werewolves of the city?

Madison’s Enlightened: (Mage the Ascension, 10 Player, Tabletop 20th Anniversary Edition) Madison, once a powerful Tradition city, is now ruled by the Nephandi. You will travel to the Umbra and into the political halls of the supernatural, to save the city from its corrupt leaders. To overthrow this Nephandi leadership, your kind’s only hope is for you to adventure into the Umbra and return with the knowledge needed to save Madison. Along the way, secrets will be revealed that bring your world view into question. Can you work together without falling to the temptation of corruption, and the power afforded therein?

Madison’s Kindred: (Vampire the Masquerade, 10 Player, Tabletop 20th Anniversary Edition) The Withering has changed Kindred society forever. As one of the leaders of Madison, you will struggle to keep or overthrow the Anarchs in power. Which side will you take in this time of chaos? Generation no longer matters and the political landscape has been mutilated. The Camarilla has restructured under a King and the Sabbat have fallen into chaos. Will Madison fall to the Camarilla or will the Anarchs be able to maintain control of their longstanding stronghold?

Madison’s Garou: (Werewolf the Apocalypse, 10 Player, Tabletop 20th Anniversary Edition) The Wyrm has killed the Alpha of your pack in the largest battle of this generation. At the funeral Moot, a mystery begins to unfold that will plunge you into a world of dangerous revelations. Madison is being attacked from all sides. In your fight for survival, revelations will unfold an epic mystery that brings into question everything you believe about your fallen leader, and werewolf society as a whole. Who will survive in this ancient conflict between tradition and progress?

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