Intense fighting broke out in and around UQ9-3C, on the Branch-Venal border, as Imperium forces defended against a larger Moneybadgers (MBC) fleet. UQ9-3C is a critical staging system for both Fidelas Constans (FCON) and RAZOR Alliance (RAZOR). Imperium fleets led by Jay Amazingness formed up and were en-route to the defense 30 minutes before today’s State of the Goonion’s speech. Fleet members reportedly watched the speech on Twitch.

Fighting began around 17:40 EVE with Test Alliance Please Ignore’s (TEST) Dreddit corp taking the bulk of the early casualities. FCON and RAZOR lost ships primarily to Out of Sight and Skyfire. By 18:40 forces from the western territories of the Imperium were joining the battle in earnest and many of FCON’s pilots had been podded inorder to reship and rejoin the battle.

The ostensible goal of the engagement was UQ9-3C’s I-Hub, but Imperium FC Jay Amazingness believes that MBC was baiting for a bigger fight, “They [MBC] had around 2000. They had to get spectre fleet to back them up.

Imperium forces ended up around 1400-1600 pilots, with MBC fielding around 2000. Despite the numerical disadvantage, Imperium was able to save the hub without deploying two reserve fleets that were waiting out of system. While the Imperium took hits in UQ9-3C proper, ultimately ISK losses were partially recouped as the Righteous Choirboys of Bastion expertly sowed chaos in Circle-Of-Two and TEST forces in 9IPC-E next door with several artful bombing runs.

Jay Amazingness says he is pleased with how the engagement turned out. Imperium forces forewent the defense of a more symbolic target in Deklein to assist FCON and RAZOR in holding the line in Branch.

While the I-Hub was defended, MCB later reinforced the station.

Please note that while the battle reports linked in this article are largely correct, killboards are under heavy stress and are resisting adjustment.

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