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Marshall market hit – Skins to die for – Faction Citadels hove into view

Canis Fangborn 2018-03-01

I am not prescient, but I’m here to tell you we have some events coming; and after looking at the rewards, they are going to be extremely well-attended events. A number of new skins have just been spotted on hoboleaks…

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World of Darkness: Madison Under Siege

TMC Archives 2016-03-31

Hello everyone, I am Joshua Guldan, Lead Storyteller for Madison Under Siege. Madison Under Siege is a Gaming Group that will be running four tabletop events set in the World of Darkness at Gen Con 2016. These four events will…

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Submission 2014-09-28

A peaceful ratter sits in a site deep in sovereignty nullsec. He’s been happily ratting for quite some time, with the wrecks of quarry surrounding him. Local chat moves; a new person in system. The ratter, oblivious, hardly bats an eye….