Taisy Bloodbath Claims 200B ISK


In Lonetrek on September 12 at 14:00 in Taisy, Project.Mayhem engaged Circle-Of-Two over a money moon. Circle-Of-Two was able to secure their tower, but suffered over twice the ISK losses as the Project.Mayhem-led side.

In terms of fleet compositions, Project.Mayhem used armor Machariels, supported by a wing of triage Archons, while Circle-Of-Two fielded a fleet of armor Tech III cruisers. Additionally, Pandemic Legion and Northern Coalition. also arrived to support Project.Mayhem in Sleipnirs and Ishtars as the fight progressed. Project.Mayhem was led by Tau AD and Circle-Of-Two was led by Sebastien Saintfrusquin.

Project.Mayhem immediately brought in their Triage Archons to supplement their Guardian logistics chain at the start of the battle. Shortly after this, two Circle-Of-Two Titans suddenly logged in. This was not unnoticed by Project.Mayhem, and Tau AD called for HICs incase of an escalation to super-capitals.

While Project.Mayhem was sorting out their HICs, the two Circle-Of-Two titans jumped in and used their doomsday weapons to volley off the initial two Project.Mayhem triage Archons. As soon as the DDs cycled on the Archons, Project.Mayhem brought in their HICs to hold down the titans. Once Project.Mayhem confirmed that they held point, seventeen dreadnoughts from Project.Mayhem and Out of Sight were brought in to kill the two caught titans. At this point, Pandemic Legion and NC. arrived in support of Project.Mayhem, largely fielding DPS and tackle.

Circle-Of-Two quickly responded by bringing in a number of Dreadnoughts, supercarriers, and additional titans, followed by support fleets from fellow members of the Imperium. As the Circle-Of-Two capital group began to chew through Project.Mayhem’s Dreadnoughts, the Erebus of Baekkel was destroyed by the heavy damage from both the Dreadnoughts and subcapital fleets of Project.Mayhem, Pandemic Legion and NC.

As soon as the titan was destroyed, Project.Mayhem and their allies disengaged from the field, leaving the butchers bill for this engagement at a total of 200+ Billion isk lost.  Project.Mayhem and their allies inflicted 138 Billion in damages, while Circle-Of-Two inflicted 63 Billion in return.

This conflict is part of a series of engagements in northern low-sec as Project.Mayhem and Circle-Of-Two vie for dominance over the region’s valuable moons. Other battles in this campaign include the fight for Nalvula, and several other smaller skirmishes.

TMC reached out to both Project.Mayhem and Circle-Of-Two for comment.

Tau AD responded on behalf of Project. Mayhem:

WE rfed co2 moon in taisy.we were looking for a fight with them on this weekends.For this timer we formed armor bs.guards and triage archons.also called OOS and PL as our backup.When we land on field and fight starts co2 log on 2 titans. At this point we understand that they r gonna drop it on us,so a few guys swap their ships to HICs.When titan used their DD our hics jumped to system and warped to the cyno (i don`t know why they didn`t kill their own cyno),PL starts to enter system and help us to hold points on them.we dropped 5-6 dreads and OOS also jumped on their dreads.Co2 continue to drop supers/titans on field and more cfc were comming to the system.When titan died we start to disengagement.At the end of fight on field were 5 titans and 10 supers and few caps.

And Da Winci spoke for Circle-Of-Two:

For some time now we brawl regurlarly with Project Mayhem in and around Taisy.  Recently things escalated as PM started calling in friends to help them out CO2 being CO2 we dont step away from a fight and so we didnt last night.  Take away the titan and the fight would be even isk-wise (but who cares right).  The titan had a good long life, went down in a fight guns blazing. Sad moment to see it go down, but it wont stop us committing to a fight. I would give props to PM but seen they invited half of EVE I dont feel inclined to highfive them on this one.

Thanks to the CO2 guys for a good fleet – Sebastien Saintfrusquin for some chill FC’ing – Caldari Ace for putting his titan on the line and Mysor MCGuinness for keeping subcaps on field against overwhelming numbers.

This article originally appeared on TheMittani.com, written by Sven Tekitsu.

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