Mordus Angels Avatar Downed by Snuffed Out


On September 13 at 22:30 EVE time, an Avatar piloted by Calasan of Mordus Angels met its end in the system of Oulley, shot down by a fleet of Snuffed Out titans and black ops battleships. While many titans and supercapitals have been destroyed in the past year as the result of regional jump range bottlenecks from the Phoebe expansion, what happened in this case is an unfortunate result of bad timing.

At Approximately 22:00 EVE time, Calasan’s Avatar was sold to him by a member of Psychotic Tendencies, in the system of Vestouve. From Vestouve, Calasan had a long road to Mordus Angel’s home region of Pure Blind, with his first midpoint in the system of Grispire.

Avatar Third Party Transfer, TISHU to Mordus Angels

Calasan purchases the Avatar

Grispire also happens to be one of the few systems that Gallente level 5 missions can be found in, and at the moment Calasan jumped in and cloaked his Titan, a Snuffed Out member happened by chance to be running a mission.  The information was quickly passed on, and Snuffed Out formed a fleet of Black Ops battleships and Archons to try to tackle the Titan.

Guessing that the Titan was following the DOTLAN route of Grispire->5ZXX-K, MOA’s home system, Snuffed Out moved cyno characters to the next system on the route, Oulley, and waited. They didn’t have to wait long. The same cyno character that was used in Grispire popped into Oulley local and once again lit a cynosural field. As soon as the Avatar jumped in, Snuffed Out converged onto the Avatar, and began to slowly grind away at its armor. Once the titan reached 70% armor, Calasan initiated self destruct, and the Titan died two minutes later.

TMC has reached out to Mordus Angels for a comment on the incident. Mordus Angels CEO Gen Eve had this to say:

Gen Eve > simple

Gen Eve > bought titan – was cynoed in dead system

Gen Eve > then oops – 24 in local

Gen Eve > ie was simple awox

Gen Eve > titan pilot was told no one in local when there was over 20 peeps local

Gen Eve > ps dont buy from snuff supers- scam

This article originally appeared on, written by Sven Tekitsu.

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