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Breaking News | Destroyed Horde Fenrir drops Keepstar

JuriusDoctor 2021-04-12

A fight has broken out in YF-P4X in Tenerifis resulting in, among the destruction of several Horde and Imperium dreadnoughts, a Horde Fenrir which was carrying a Keepstar. The circumstances surrounding the fight are unclear, as primary damage (80.2% of…

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To Legacy, with love, from INIT

Aneu 2021-03-24

We are fast approaching a year of World War Bee, the biggest and bloodiest fight to have ever occurred in EVE Online, and there is very little evidence of it slowing down.  Fountain of Glass On June 21st 2020 Imperium…

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Gentlemens.Club Titan Destroyed

TMC Archives 2015-09-20

On September 19 at approximately 18:40 Eve time in the region of Tenerifis, a Ragnarok belonging to Kitt Faux, a member of Gentlemens.Club was destroyed by the forces of the Soviet-Union alliance with help from Against ALL Authorities, The Afterlife,…

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The Guardians Move East to Tenerifis

TMC Archives 2015-03-08

The coalition lead by CSM member Sort Dragon, Guardians of the Galaxy, has begun its move from Querious to Tenerifis and Immensea. Under some pressure from incoming alliances Pandemic Legion, Pandemic Horde, and Northern Army, the Guardians coalition negotiated safe…