Gentlemens.Club Titan Destroyed


On September 19 at approximately 18:40 Eve time in the region of Tenerifis, a Ragnarok belonging to Kitt Faux, a member of Gentlemens.Club was destroyed by the forces of the Soviet-Union alliance with help from Against ALL Authorities, The Afterlife, and Federation of Independant Stellar Systems.

The kill took place in the system ZMV9-A, and according to the Reddit thread on the matter, it would appear that the titan was the victim of a very well-made grid distortion. According to the Reddit thread:

I landed (mind you, it warps at 6.4au/s) and saw shit too close for comfort (SFI was 50k) so I jumped.

Took me 4 seconds to push jump from me spam stopping when I landed. And apparently I was bubbled (there was only a SFI “near” me).

So, invisible interidictors that can scan/warp within 4 seconds of me landing has me a little confused lol. I even tried to jump again, and nothing.

Then dictors started coming in and bubbling :l

Edit: Not that I am complaining or anything, I chose to put myself in that situation 🙂

Others in the thread replied that he was likely a victim of grid-fu. This is a method where attackers alter the grid they are on in order to make it appear that they are not on grid, despite being very short distances away from each other in actuality. This is often used to hide the numbers of people in a fleet, or even give one side an advantage in being able to target their opponents without fear of retribution.

The fight involved five dreads, namely two Phoenixes, two Naglfar, and a Revelation. However, the majority of damage was dealt using massed Cerebus fire, which is a departure from typical hotdrops performed by other groups. The grid-fu was used by the attackers in order to hide their interdictor bubbles initially until they started coming in.

TMC has contacted the involved parties for comment and will update the story as details come in.

This article originally appeared on, written by Vos.

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