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Stellaris “Distant Stars” brings L-Space, new anomalies, trinary stars

Quendan 2018-06-15

On Tuesday May 22, Stellaris’ developer, Paradox Development Studio, released its first major update to the revamped ‘Stellaris 2.0’ that was launched earlier this year. The Stellaris 2.1 ‘Niven’ update comes with the paid ‘Distant Stars’ DLC. Buyers will enjoy…

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Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn Arrives

Robby Kasparic 2017-09-21

The latest story pack for Paradox’s Stellaris has arrived. Titled Synthetic Dawn, the new content allows players to take the helm of a race comprised of artificial life forms. Become the Silicon Caretaker for the biological life of the galaxy,…

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All you need to know about Stellaris: Utopia

Quendan 2017-02-28

Yesterday, an animated trailer heralded what Stellaris fans have been waiting for: The game’s first full-fledged expansion, titled Utopia, will be released on April 6. Similarly to the Leviathans story pack, and other Paradox DLC releases, a major patch will…

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‘Banks’ comes to Stellaris in 2017, brings ethics revamp, unity and ascension perks

Quendan 2017-01-13

With the holidays now more or less far behind me, I am still in recovery from Stellaris’ Kennedy update. Paradox’ games have always had an addictive quality to me that comes in spurts. Every time an update is released, I…

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The Leviathan awakes tomorrow

Quendan 2016-10-20

Stellaris: Leviathans and the 1.3 patch titled ‘Heinlein’ will hit the virtual shelves tomorrow. Paradox had announced their story pack back in September. For the developers, a ‘story pack’ is paid content classed between a feature pack and a full-blown expansion….

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Stellaris: Leviathans Announced

Riley 2016-09-17

Following the Plantoids cosmetic DLC, Paradox has announced the first piece of DLC for Stellaris. Titled Leviathans, the expansion is likely to be released alongside the 1.3 “Heinlein” update. Leviathans is set to add loot, new adventures, and as you may have…

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Stellaris: Asimov Patch Released

TMC Archives 2016-06-28

Stellaris, a grand strategy game set in space by masters of the genre, Paradox Interactive, was released in early May. Although highly anticipated, Stellaris received a positive reception, but it was not without its issues. A common opinion expressed by early adopters…

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Paradox Details Upcoming Stellaris Updates

TMC Archives 2016-05-18

After listening to community feedback, reviews, and reactions to its latest title Stellaris, Paradox Interactive has released details on the first updates to its new sci-fi grand strategy game. A free update, codenamed “Clarke” (yes, as in the author) is…

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Submission 2016-05-09

It felt strange to be so excited for an original space strategy game from a developer with no previous sci-fi experience, or without a well-known IP behind them. But, ever since Stellaris was announced last year, I’ve been looking forward…

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Anschau 2016-03-20

Paradox Interactive, the developers of historical strategy series Europa Universalis (EU) and Crusader Kings (CK), this week revealed the release date for their upcoming 4x strategy game: Stellaris. Set in the far future, Stellaris follows a galaxy of procedurally generated species that are emerging…

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Paradox Reveals New Features for Upcoming Stellaris

TMC Archives 2016-01-13

New gameplay elements and features for Paradox Interactive’s upcoming sci-fi 4x grand strategy title Stellaris have been revealed. Paradox announced the title, which uses the same engine as Crusader Kings II and Europa Universalis IV, was in development in Summer…