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Minitru’s Recorded Media Taskforce brings you “Feeling Goon”

Paramemetic 2019-07-03

The Drifter invasion has forced the war engines of the Imperium to focus on marignally less sentient targets, and a lot of people are sad about it.  As the second year of Imperium helldunk season comes to a close, our…

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RMT Presents: Eat My Ass

Paramemetic 2019-05-13

It’s the hot new craze that’s sweeping the galaxy: telling your enemies to eat your ass.  As the Imperium once again beats the drums of war, even I cannot hold back the fervor and zeal of the Imperium’s cultural agents. …

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RMT Records EVE Vegas Edition: Luck, Be My FC

Arrendis 2017-10-21

RMT Records is back again, commemorating EVE Vegas! Take it away, Ol’ Blue Donuts! (That’s Ungaar.)

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RMT Records Presents: Judge’s Gonna Cut You Down

Rhivre 2017-09-14

RMT Records presents their take on the CO2 events this week

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Minitru and RMT Records Return!

Rhivre 2017-08-03

After what seems like an eternity, Goonswarm’s Ministry of Truth is back with a new release on RMT Records.  Coming just a day after the SOTG, and as The Imperium marches to war, hopefully, this is the first in a…

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RMT Records: Server Downtime Rhapsody

Arrendis 2016-04-02

The Imperium’s RMT Records group is back with another new video to commiserate with you about today’s unexpected downtime. This article originally appeared on TheMittani.com.

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Arrendis 2016-03-30

Following the standings reset by Circle-of-Two (C02), the Imperium’s RMT Records label has released a new video to YouTube, commemorating the event.