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The Art of the Gank

JuriusDoctor 2020-10-31

The other day I had the fortuitous timing to jump into Uedama just as a gank was going down. As far as gameplay styles go, high-sec ganking can be just as lucrative or more than other forms of PvP; often…

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Lessons Learned the Hardest Way

Savvy Kneel 2020-03-15

In a sandbox environment – particularly one the size of EVE Online – content is what the players make it. There are the massive sov wars, the infamous heists, the political drama … and then, there are the tales that…

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Burn Jita Terrorizes The Forge

Guilford Australis 2019-02-23

A ritualistic mass murder of freighters, jump freighters, haulers, and targets of opportunity is playing out with Shakespearean grandeur this weekend in the high-security systems surrounding Jita in the Forge. This is the work of Goonswarm Federation’s Ministry of Love…

2 Awful Loss of the Day

ALOD: Jump Freighter Bonanza

JMoravia 2019-02-08

It’s probably not often that the same player has not one but two of zKillboard’s six most valuable kills for a given week – solo.  Yet that was the accomplishment enjoyed by Ataryx between 1 and 3 February, following his ganks of…

3 Eve Online

Doom and Depravity: Memoirs From Jita

Johnny Crowe 2018-03-16

Getting Set Up My trip into Jita was eventful, to say the least. Naturally I was unprepared, no jump clone, even remotely close to the Forge. My closest clone was in Tanoo, a questionable system on the outskirts of religious…

6 User Submitted

Learn from My Mistakes

MckenzieHearthfire 2018-01-30

When an F1 Monkey Tries Out Solo Roams After being away from EVE for awhile, I came back and hopped in Rorquals, with dreams of skill injecting into everything. But, then I started getting back into strategic ops, which are…

6 Editorial

Ganking in EVE Online: Explained

Ghost Negotiator 2017-11-14

Killing other players in EVE Online is a common thing to do. This happens everywhere in the game, including High Security space. A lot of players do not understand how this is beneficial to the people doing it. Killing another…

4 Eve Online

Miniluv Downs 56.5 Billion ISK Freighter

Bishop Dragalis Miraxim 2017-03-09

Highsec Haulers Beware Those of you who don’t live in a hole, or who are at least quasi-aware of the workings of space trucking, know that the Highsec ganking arm of the Imperium is The Ministry of Love: otherwise known…

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ALOD: Plex-tanked Bestower

Submission 2015-09-11

We all take risks in EVE eventually. It can take various forms: we don’t want to scout that system again, we just came through it; we don’t want to travel-fit our plexing Tengu again, it’s only 2 jumps and intel is dead; we…

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The Freighter Pilot’s Guide to Not Getting Ganked

Submission 2015-01-03

This piece was submitted by 290xanaots, ganker for the New Order of Highsec and the CFC’s Ministry of Love. 290xanaots has been ganking miners and haulers since leading the very first New Order gankfleet in November 2012. Freighter ganking is a way of…

0 Sins of a Solar Spymaster

78: Jita Burns

Submission 2012-04-29

Why did we do it? The usual reasons were trotted out: revenge, celebration, petty griefing, market manipulations, conspiracy with CCP, real-life sociopathy, class warfare. The truth is that we did it because we could: we wanted to see what would…

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70: Crucible’s Winners and Losers

TMC Archives 2011-11-20

It is an alien feeling to sit down and write about an EVE expansion in a positive way. Not positive in the ‘taking a stand to defend an awkward position’ sense, not positive in a careful, equivocal way, but actually…

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68: Groupthink and Ganking

TMC Archives 2011-09-13

It’s not often that a MMO company reverses their core development plans, apologizes to their customers for their failings, and proceeds to push out a series of acclaimed, necessary changes to their flagship product. In fact, though my gaming industry…

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18: The Jihad

TMC Archives 2009-06-30

We find ourselves in the aftermath of the Second Great War, the carnage and the confusion of the routing of Band of Brothers and their vassals from Delve and Querious. The balance of power has been overturned after three years…