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Breaking News: Freighter with Faction Fortizar Inside killed in J164430

General Thade 2019-09-15

On September 14, an Obelisk with a faction fortizar and fittings was killed in the system of J164430, which is the home system of Scary Wormhole People. The total loss was estimated to be 54.5 billion isk by Zkillboard. According…

4 Eve Online

Miniluv Downs 56.5 Billion ISK Freighter

Bishop Dragalis Miraxim 2017-03-09

Highsec Haulers Beware Those of you who don’t live in a hole, or who are at least quasi-aware of the workings of space trucking, know that the Highsec ganking arm of the Imperium is The Ministry of Love: otherwise known…

6 Awful Loss of the Day


Robby Kasparic 2017-03-04

Corporate Police Force Incident Report Form 1030A Case Number: 119.3-5834C   Time of Incident: 119.3 1732 UNET Reporting Officer: Commissioner Issa Kiari  Preparing Officer: Commissioner Issa Kiari Incident Type: Criminal Capsuleer Activity and Termination Offender Name and Corporate Affiliation: Lee Tempest,…