8 Analysis

Do CCP Care? They do if you’re new.

Aneu 2022-05-12

And yes, umm, we are announcing big content updates for fan fest. It’s the largest one probably we have ever done.” CCP Paragon – Q&A Session. Two weeks ago, we were treated to a Q&A session with CCP Paragon, who…

15 Editorial

Blockchain and EVE—Greed’s Still Good

Arrendis 2022-04-13

On April 11, CCP released a ‘news’ article entitled ‘Blockchain and EVE Online’. In the article—with a ‘CCP Hellmar’ byline—CCP has finally attempted to address some of their customers’ concerns about many of the statements CEO Hilmar Pétursson has made…

3 Devblog

Battleships Are Back!

Elthar Nox 2022-02-16

CCP announced the Road to Fanfest 2022 Update during a live twitch event with CCP Rattati, CCP Burger, CCP Swift and Carneros. The hour long stream covered a variety of topics gradually building up to announcements on battleships, compression, reversal…

1 Breaking News

Breaking: Fanfest 2022 announced

Quendan 2021-11-04

CCP have announced today that Fanfest 2022 will be held from May 6 to 7 in Laugardalshöll arena. The announcement comes after three years without the annual player gathering in Iceland. Fanfest was first split up into multiple smaller events…

44 Op-Ed

With Mutaplasmids, CCP is Playing a “Dangerous” Game

Paramemetic 2018-04-17

The biggest shake-up in the history of Frontier’s “Elite Dangerous” was the introduction of engineering with the Horizons update. This system allowed players to take materials, which were collected via various game activities but were unavailable from markets, and spend…

6 Eve Online

EVE Fanfest: Structures

Paramemetic 2018-04-14

Header art by Smultar On the third and final day of FanFest 2018, CCP Fozzie gave us information on upcoming changes and advancements to the structure systems in game, as well as details about the upcoming outpost and conquerable changeover…

0 Devblog

DevBlog: Fanfest 2018 MegaBlog Information Station

Dirk Stetille 2018-04-07

On April 5, CCP Falcon posted a comprehensive blog about Fanfest 2018, which is occurring on April 12 to 14. While this information comes to us later than usual this year, it is filled with both the expected goodies and…

1 Eve Online

Diplomacy: Agents of Change

JuriusDoctor 2018-02-08

This is part three of a five-part series examining diplomacy in EVE Online. The previous two releases were War of Words and Best of Enemies. You can also see the individual interviews with FCs, diplos, and alliance leaders here. This…

0 Sins of a Solar Spymaster

77: On Accountability

TMC Archives 2012-02-04

At this year’s Fanfest Alliance Panel, I drank myself into a stupor and said something I deeply regret. After sobering up and discovering what I had said, I did my best to apologize to the player I insulted. I made…

0 Sins of a Solar Spymaster

60: Deconstructing Fanfest

TMC Archives 2011-03-27

Reykjavik is a surreal binge, drowned in alcohol, broken glass, and – during Fanfest – thousands of socially awkward spaceship nerds, shouldering through the narrow streets and bumping into the ubiquitous sleek blonde eurotrash. It’s been a year and a…

0 Sins of a Solar Spymaster

29: Partying the Right Way at Fanfest

TMC Archives 2009-10-05

As I write this, Serious Gaming Journalists are rushing to scoop each other about the Dust 514 announcements and various changes to EVE gameplay uncovered at Fanfest 2009. In about a week we’ll be able to link to interviews, EVE-TV…

0 Sins of a Solar Spymaster

28: Irresponsible Speculation Edition

TMC Archives 2009-09-29

I bash this out on the verge of my red-eye flight to the land of ‘people who eat rotten shark and make spaceship games’ for the 2009 EVE Fanfest – my first time attending the event. One goon helpfully offered…