Faction Warfare

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Amarr Militia Pushed Back to Eugidi in Faction Warfare

OldNoEyes 2022-11-16

The rapid reconquering of Amamake by Ushra’Khan on October 29th took many by surprise, including Ushra’Khan themselves. After steeling themselves for a difficult campaign, the alliance took Amamake in only 24 hours, facing virtually no resistance.  It was an unexpected…

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Ushra’Khan Execute the Siege of Amamake

OldNoEyes 2022-10-29

As I write this, a whirlwind assault has recently been completed on Amamake, ending in an astoundingly quick victory for Ushra’Khan, who reclaimed the system months after it was seized by Amarr militia. As a key border system, Amamake holds…

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October Faction Warfare Report

Frozen Fallout 2021-11-06

Good Morning New Eden! I am Frozen Fallout and this is the Faction Warfare (FW) report for October. I run the Federation Front Line Report, a Gallente Propaganda Podcast. This podcast was created to keep everyone up to date on…

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Faction Warfare Report

Frozen Fallout 2021-10-07

By Frozen Fallout, with editorial assistance by Samson Lancaster. Good Morning New Eden! I am Frozen Fallout and this is the Faction Warfare report.  To give a little background on myself, I have been playing EVE Online since 2006 and…

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Tournament Victor Loses In Lowsec

Calyle Morrison 2020-04-26

A limited edition Victor was lost April 23 in a skirmish in Black Rise between five pilots. The rare Guardian Angel force recon, awarded as BPCs in the 2017 Alliance Tournament, was the fourth such ship lost, and the second one…

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March Brings the Love to Lowsec

Savvy Kneel 2020-03-18

In a new post today, CCP Dopamine shared details of the upcoming “Loyalty to Lowsec” update coming to New Eden on March 24. Those who make a living in Low Security space are going to feel the love from CCP…

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EVE Variety Hour Rehashes and Triglavian Faction Warfare

Quendan 2019-10-28

In the second presentation of the day, CCP attempted to take a look over what the EVE Development Team are currently working on, and what’s in the pipeline for the near future. True to CCPs commitment to spend 80% of…

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FW Leaders Agree to Moratorium on Mission Farming

Quendan 2019-10-05

Leaders of major corporations and alliances active in the Minmatar-Amarr Faction Warfare (FW) zone have agreed to not contest systems that contain lowsec FW agents to curb mission farming, a recent Reddit post has revealed. This moratorium is intended for…

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The Five-Day Battle of Oicx

CaseyLP 2018-02-05

The past few days have seen a peculiar engagement take place in the lowsec system of Oicx. One can’t just call this engagement a singular battle, but rather a series of battles that have been taking place in this one…

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110B ISK Lost in Militia Brawl over Asakai Fortizar

CaseyLP 2018-01-26

At around 0100 EVE time on January 23, 112 billion ISK worth of ships was destroyed in a brawl between the Gallente militia and the Caldari Militia, plus their pirate allies and some other parties. The fight was initiated when…

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Rhom Achensa 2017-12-29

Fidelas Constans have joined the Caldari Militia, hoping for a complete reset after losing nearly 3,000 members and 40 sovereign systems. New executor Jake Lightman described recent events as a collapsing house of cards. In turning away from nullsec sov…

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The Transcredible Exploits of Genji Kawakami: Never Not Blitz

Johnny Crowe 2017-11-08

“And now, The Transcredible Exploits of Genji Kawakami. Brought to you by Quafe Ultra” Two days, four and a half billion ISK to go. I had recently been pinned Luminaire General, but the new rank wasn’t as much of a victory…

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Operation “Take Back Tama” A Success For The Gallente Militia

CaseyLP 2017-10-09

Gallente militia members all around rejoiced over the weekend as Tama once more belonged to the Federation. After a surprise attack, Caldari Militia had taken Tama a week earlier while most of the Galmil were in nullsec, enjoying a long-term…

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Faction Warfare – Predator or Prey

Johnny Crowe 2017-10-02

What is it about Faction Warfare that makes it so appealing to guys like me? At a glance, Faction Warfare is much like the old school frigate fighting tournaments that used to pepper the New Eden horizon. The only difference…