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Scarcity 2.0

Gwailar 2022-04-25

As everybody who pays attention to EVE-related news knows by now, CCP is raising the price of EVE Online (both Omega subscriptions and PLEX). The purpose of this article is not to comment on that decision either for or against*;…

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The Economics of Veterancy

Rasa Greywalker 2022-01-18

One of the most widely known principles in economics is that of Supply and Demand. Just as in real world economies, this principle is one of those at the core of the EVE economy. Without the markets of New Eden…

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Surplus Is Not the Problem: Suggestions For CCP

Undeadenemy 2021-01-21

First, I want to thank CCP for doing an analysis of the game’s ecosystem at large. I also want to thank Sophia ‘Alizibeth’ S for the excellent, drill instructor style ass-chewing of said analysis. It managed to be both personal…

20 Op-Ed

The Counterintuitive Economy of EVE Online

Simon Chui 2021-01-20

Many aspects of the EVE Online economy superficially resemble real-world market economies, which might tempt us to try using real-world economic theories to understand the game. But EVE differs from the real world in fundamental ways and misunderstanding these differences can lead to mistakes.

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PvP Lifestyle—Making a Living by the Sword

Arrendis 2018-11-26

New Eden thrives on two things. The stability of instability, and the importance of players’ actions and choices. The first one means that some level of instability and upheaval is always present, while the second relies on players being free…

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Ghost Training: CCP Inquisition has started

Mischa Gau'ss Tesla 2017-06-29

Ghost Farmers: all of New Eden heard of them lately. Like an intangible threat to the game’s economy, the dark shadow of their ISK-making empires was unveiled to all by a variety of players from all across the cluster. Finally, on…

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Monthly Economic Report – Goons Win Again!

Erick Asmock 2017-06-10

The Monthly Economic Report (MER) was released by CPP yesterday and it resoundingly announces: GOONS WIN! GOONS WIN! That headline will be met with copious amounts of disdain from those Grrr Goons, Hat Goons types. I have to agree with Aryth’s…

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March Economic Report

Rhivre 2017-04-25

Friday April 21 CCP published the Monthly Economic Report. This is usually published at the start of each month. This month however, it was delayed by Fanfest and Easter. This edition of the monthly report had more words in it…

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EVE’s Sleeker, Smarter Market Graphs

vicarious 2016-12-27

While the Rorqual nerf received most attention from the recent update, CCP also introduced new features to the Market Window to help new or lay traders better understand the dynamics of supply and demand. Some of this is a slight…

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Hypernormalised Bees

Caleb Ayrania 2016-11-21

A while back, I was planning on writing a review of Adam Curtis new documentary ”Hypernormalisation”(1), but I decided that the reality presented in it would be more interesting, as a take on EVE online, and CCP. Before continuing, I would…

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CCP Releases Charts, Details on EVE Economy

TMC Archives 2015-11-11

Eve Vegas had a number of fascinating talks on the present and future of our favourite space game. One of those talks was by CCP Quant, who went over the economy of New Eden. CCP Quant has since expanded that…

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The Benefits of a Skillpoint Economy

TMC Archives 2015-10-19

While the forum thread on Skill Trading continues to grow to immense proportions – 189 pages and counting – reactions are still strongly negative, with most players expressing disgust, flat outright rejection, and naturally some threats to unsubscribe. Business as usual for…