Dunk Dinkle

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The Brave Breakdown

Moomin Amatin 2021-10-14

For a number of years Brave has struggled with their identity. They are eager to present themselves as being a new-player-focused group, interested in the game for the “fun per hour,” with a desire to “stay classy” and engage in…

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Honey-golden linings: A Response to Seir

Gray Doc 2021-08-07

Having read Seir Luciel’s most recent article entitled “Silver Linings for PAPI; Considerations for Goons,” I wanted to respond for several reasons.  First, Seir is my son and I love him. I admire him, as well: his toughness, his intellectual…

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Brave’s March SOTA: News and Analysis

Gray Doc 2021-03-22

News Dunk Dinkle, the CEO of Brave, recently held a State of the Alliance (SOTA). He updated Brave members on the alliance’s move into Querious, urged them not to get too frustrated by the losses in Catch and Impass, and…

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Two Faces of Brave

Gray Doc 2021-02-15

Brave alliance recently suffered several leaks of leadership discussions, necessitating some attempts at damage control. Subsequent to those leaks, we have several events by which to gauge the mixed reaction to these events. First, INN contacted Dunk Dinkle on Discord…

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Legacy Leaders Discuss Future Plans

Gray Doc 2021-01-16

In New Eden, with the second battle of M2 proving so costly for PAPI, several of their leaders have updated their troops on the current state of their respective alliances, including plans for busting out of the M2 hellcamp and…

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SOTA: Brave Looks to Catch, Asks M2 Subs to Login

Robert Miller 2021-01-11

In a state of the alliance (SOTA) meeting Sunday, leader Dunk Dinkle asked his subcap pilots to brave the Goon M2 hellcamp and login, freeing them up for action elsewhere. Super and titan pilots were told to fill out an…

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Brave’s “Not-a-SOTA”

Gray Doc 2020-12-01

Recently, Dunk Dinkle, the leader of Brave Collective <BRAVE>, released another in his series of “not a SOTA” messages, covering topics such as the current war, Brave’s future plans, and the historic fights happening in Delve. His message, one of…

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CSM 14 Interviews – Dunk Dinkle & Matterall

Jin'taan 2019-05-29

As you should know, the CSM elections are nearly upon us, with voting opening on the 10th of June. Whilst loyal members of the Imperium will likely once again be asked to exercise their democratic right to vote exactly as…