Brave’s March SOTA: News and Analysis


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Dunk Dinkle, the CEO of Brave, recently held a State of the Alliance (SOTA). He updated Brave members on the alliance’s move into Querious, urged them not to get too frustrated by the losses in Catch and Impass, and exhorted them to avoid reddit drama while getting in fleets rather than waiting for the enemies to “fly into our mouths so we can eat them.”

Dinkle, attired in an emerald green T and festive St. Patrick’s Day jacket, began by toasting a salute to Brave, saying that “The state of Brave is strong and the Beacon provides.” 0:11 [all timer locations will mark the end of the quoted passage]. He continued by saying that “Querious is going unbelievably well. It’s hard to fathom that we have over 40 systems in Querious now under our control.” 0:32

Putting the move into perspective, Dinkle noted that “Many [in Brave] aren’t used to moving. This is the longest Brave has been in one place, in Catch, but in the past we moved often and we packed light.” 1:00

Dinkle then noted, at length, that the current war has caused some problems for Brave: “Let’s talk about Catch and Impass. The truth is we’re losing stuff, and yes it sucks, and I really can’t spin that. 2:09 We’ve been caught over-extended and we are paying the price in this war. You’re seeing that on all sides. People are getting hit, structures are being destroyed, stuff is going uncontested simply because we can’t win those fights sometimes.” 2:25

Rather than bemoaning what cannot be undone or changed, Dinkle told his line members to “focus on getting in our new home and getting into fleets. The thing I’ll ask of you is, don’t go onto social media and start up with the “We didn’t want that anyway,” or “That didn’t matter,” because that’s just not true, right? 3:08 I would have liked a much different transition to Querious than we’re getting right now. But it’s EVE; it’s war. So please don’t go on Reddit and argue with people about things. Arguing on Reddit is like punching water in a swimming pool. It just does nothing. 3:31 Let’s focus on the game; let’s focus on our new home. We still have a lot of work to do in Catch and Impass. There’s things going on there. There’s going to be fleets and timers. I need you to make sure you have combat readiness there. But we need our eyes forward on Querious as our new home; we’re very strong there.” 3:57

Dinkle assured his line members that the Imperium still had the power to fight back, saying, “The Imperium is tricksy and they will probably try some things. As I’ve said over and over, do not underestimate them or be overconfident that the opponent is not gonna fight in this space, as we’re seeing in Catch and Impass. They still have the power to reach out and hurt people.” 4:54

Like he has in recent months, Dinkle then went on to exhort his troops to get in fleets. “I need you to join fleets. This is the number one thing you can do when they are pinged. Numbers are critical. There have been a number of occasions where if we had just had more people, we would have won the fight.  6:35

So, I need you to join fleets. I know sometimes you’d rather just wait for the lone roamer to come through, but these fleets, these strat op fleets, these defense fleets are absolutely key to making an orderly transition into Querious.”

Dinkle wanted his line members to know he shared their frustration and that they were encouraged to talk to others in Brave who might have a broader and longer perspective of tough times: “So, a lot of drama and there is a lot of frustration, which I totally understand and I myself have been frustrated over some of the things that have happened. 8:13 But like I said, we’re out of time machines.”

“So, what I want you to do is remember: it’s a game; it’s supposed to be enjoyable for you and a respite from real life. So, I don’t want you to stress over it. Everything can be rebuilt. Everything can be moved. For those who have been in Brave long enough, we have been through this kind of transition many times. This is one of the more smoother transitions we have had.” 8:36

“But for some of you who have joined us in the last three years, this feels very different and very uncomfortable and I get it; I understand it. You can talk to me. You can talk to other people who have been in Brave about your feelings about this. It’s totally reasonable to be frustrated about this. But you’ll get through it. I don’t want this game to stress you out. I need you to stay healthy; maintain your chill and get that vaccine if you can.” 9:03

After giving shoutout kudos to specific individuals, Dinkle ends by telling Brave members he’s proud of them: “You are doing very well during this long long war. This is a war that will go down in EVE history books and it’s difficult to see and imagine that Brave is stronger in the number of people that we have, in the amount of power we can project, and the kind of improvement in the way we operate. It feels very frustrating right now with the amount of structures we are losing in Catch and Impass and that’s probably going to continue for a little bit, but I believe that in the end we’re going to come out stronger than we were going into this war.” 13:44


What stands out in this SOTA is how similar it is to Dinkle’s last one and the one before that. The structure of the last three Brave SOTA’s has been virtually identical, as if Dinkle is using the same notes each time:  

  • Praise the line members and say Brave is doing phenomenally well 
  • Have a shot
  • Explain that Brave is not doing phenomenally well and is, in fact, having a hard time because Catch is burning down and there is almost nothing that can be done about it
  • Exhort members not to panic or get frustrated, even though it’s frustrating to lose structures
  • Explain that it’s ok to get frustrated, because Dinkle is himself frustrated
  • Have a girl scout Thin Mint–damn, these are good!
  • Condemn social media, especially Reddit, as arguments there are useless and a waste of time because . . . 
  • Line members MUST get in fleets
  • Please get in fleets
  • We could have won some fights if we had more people IN FLEETS!
  • Praise individual people and then the line members again
  • Drink a final toast

As an outsider, I watch the SOTAs and I wonder what Brave line members are doing or not doing, since Dinkle keeps giving the exact same speech. Maybe they are like my composition students. I tell them over and over to put the thesis in the intro, but do they? No! Similarly, Dinkle has spent large portions of the last three SOTAs trying to get people into fleets. More than anything else in the SOTA, these exhortations are the most telling as to the real state of the alliance. Do large numbers and even increasing numbers tell the state of the alliance? Maybe, but possibly not. Brave may be a location for those who want to sit out the rest of the war, because Brave doesn’t require paps. We know that most of their increase in membership, much of which has happened in the last four weeks, has come when other current Legacy members have moved from some very troubled Legacy corp to Brave.

Therefore, the repetition is key; it tells us something that goes beyond the mere words – get in fleets. Yes, Brave stuff is burning, even while they are trying to move, but it’s hard to do two things at once, even if everyone were involved, but when people aren’t involved or following orders, well then, it may well be hopeless.

Perhaps Dinkle is right to be concerned, as we look at the numbers of active participants involved in the war. According to the study done by Normann Tivianne, and published on reddit on March 20, 2021, every alliance involved in the war has had consistent numbers throughout World War Bee, except one: Brave, that has seen falling numbers in participation. Tivianne ends with this conclusion: “Here is only the indication that the PvP activity of Pandemic Horde, TEST and Northern Coalition is rising in the last four weeks, but the pvp activity of Brave does not show an increase.” 

I would be remiss not to praise Dinkle on his understanding that the war has been long and, evidently, stressful for some in Brave: “So, what I want you to do is remember: it’s a game; it’s supposed to be enjoyable for you and a respite from real life. So, I don’t want you to stress over it. Everything can be rebuilt. Everything can be moved. For those who have been in Brave long enough, we have been through this kind of transition many times.”

Beyond the war costs, the ISK lost, the structures blown up, the ships destroyed, Dinkle understands that (at least for Brave, perhaps only for Brave) behind the pixels are people who may get so caught up in the events of this war they don’t take care of their physical or mental health. Of course, that advice is easy to give, I suppose, when you are in PAPI that has the three to one advantage, and specifically for Brave folk, who, while Catch burns down, at least have the hope that Querious might be the answer for their current distress. I’m sure Brave leadership, including Dinkle, will excuse the Imperium for not sharing in their joy, but who do look forward to them living right next door.

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  • Seir Luciel

    As an outsider myself, the I can confirm that those girl scout thin mint cookies are good.

    March 22, 2021 at 3:58 PM
  • Havish Montak

    The only way to protect a Bravelings mental health is to leave Brave. Prepare for AWOX central from NPC Delve you bravelings. Welcome to being perma cloaky camped and constant threat of cynos.

    March 22, 2021 at 4:19 PM
  • kwnyupstate .

    So basically people aren’t getting in enough fleets.

    March 22, 2021 at 7:36 PM
  • Crush Project

    ya but catch is crap…

    March 22, 2021 at 9:20 PM
  • Guilford Australis

    Brave line member: “Say, there, Mr. Dunk Dinkle, sir, I know this is a NOT A SOTA, so I just gotta ask – is that a shot of soda you’re slamming for refreshment?”

    Dunk: NOT A SODA

    March 22, 2021 at 11:47 PM
  • I realized I forgot to comment specifically about Brave itself, but frankly after dealing with them for a few months now, fuck those dudes. They’re a bunch of toxic dumbfucks: constantly getting clowned on anytime they show up with numbers that are anywhere within the same universe as those they’re fighting, only accomplishing anything at all when someone else shows up to haul their dead-weight kicking and screaming over the finish line. Which is to say: at minimum they need Severance to show up an take the brunt of the fighting for them, and any time you bring more than 40 dudes to fight Brave they need to bring in LITERALLY ALL OF PAPI. I’m not fucking kidding like literally to take W6V ihub from Delta Sqad they summoned over a THOUSAND PEOPLE in HACs etc for the intial ref and 3x full HAC fleets for the node event.

    Not only are they completely, mind-bogglingly inept, they are also massive shit-talkers who love nothing better than to trash-talk the thirty guys they’ve been losing against for weeks when NCdot and Horde show up to hold their hands and help them improve their monitor count.

    Fuck you, Dunk Dinkle. Your alliance is a joke. Your players are bad at EVE, completely incapable of fending for themselves, and are for the most part A) not newbees, and B) not classy. So fuck you and your insincere rhetorical bullshit: your alliance is not a group of classy newbees, you’re just a bunch of space-garbage hangers-on who can barely manage to keep yourselves from failcascading under pressure from a comedy SIG of retvets who quite literally had no idea what they were doing three months ago. I am not exaggerating when I say most people in the SIG didn’t know how sov worked or what an entosis link was: they kept asking where all the POSes were because they last time they fought a war it was against Band of Brothers in like 2009.

    By way of contrast, your entire alliance of how many thousand characters “has managed to secure 40 systems in Querious?” Wow. After only a couple of months! Slow fucking clap. What an accomplishment. Or rather, it might have been, if it hadn’t actually been the result of A) Batphoning every alliance in your megacoaltion for help and B) your only real opponents leaving the region weeks ago, and: C) come at the cost of literally your entire home region and everything left in it. We’ve seen your members self-destructing their ships. We’ve seen the abandoned structures dropping tens of billions of ISK worth of material as your sorry band of idiots fails to drag itself across the galaxy to the purgatory of Querious. Whether you win or lose in this idiotic war you’ll never win back whatever semblance of dignity you may have at one time possessed. Your leadership and fleet commanders are stupid. Your line members are incompetent. And to top it off, you’re all fucking mouthy. Consider me not a fan of your work.

    PS: You guys are the only people I’ve seen manage the feat of losing not one Cerb fleet, but TWO FUCKING CERB FLEETS IN A ROW to a gang of FUCKING HURRICANES that was almost half your size!

    Like literally how the fuck is this even possible? In fact, why prattle on about it myself when on of your own members had an accurate assessment which was spotted in local shortly after suffering this humiliation (and the loss of your ihub):

    “No idea how you won that honestly. The shame.”

    Anyway, yeah. Slap on the back for “conquering” Querious. This will definitely absolutely work out for the people of Brave long-term, as the PAPI megacoaltion will doubtless endure forever, and you will most-assuredly always have access to literally thousands of more-competent players from other alliances to do your fighting for you, and certainly at no point will the wrathful, petty, vengeful, tortured-fucking-autists who you’ve irritated possibly return to push your shit right the fuck in probably using an elite max-skillcap Corvette doctrine that your 4x bigger HAC doctrine won’t be able to overcome (ProTip: you probably just need more Monitors, as every Elite PvP Fleet must be comprised of at least 20% Monitors to have any online credibility: just ask TEST and Horde!). This definitely could never happen.


    March 23, 2021 at 7:17 AM
    • Nobletin Ganthrithor

      did brave hurt you? it seems like they hurt you.

      They are legit a bunch of new people to the game, you can inspect there line members and see most characters are under 1 year old, stop flaming actual new players to this game who arnt 10 year salty vets, the times I’ve fought brave its good fun because more often then not they will actually fight instead of tethering and that is worth commending.

      March 31, 2021 at 3:09 PM
      • Moomin Amatin Nobletin

        Well aside from coming to evict goons from their home, at a minimum, in order to create a rental empire you mean? That sort of hurt? Or perhaps some of the reams of shit talk from Brave members offended a “dead alliance” or two perhaps?

        The days of Brave’s reputation as being new player friendly are almost at an end. Actions define a group and not words.

        March 31, 2021 at 5:23 PM
      • Brave are 100% not a pile of newbies. They field the same Cerbs, caps, and other high-cost, high-SP fleets everybody else fields. There are newbies in Brave, but there are newbies in every nullsec alliance.

        Incidentally, I am always nice to actual newbies when we stumble upon them. We once invited some Brave newbies over to W6V to do frigate 1v1’s and gifted them ships and helped teach them how to fight. But for every cute newbee in Brave, there’s 50 regular-ass nullsec players who’ve been playing for years.

        Brave will sometimes fight an even fight, but they also do plenty of blobbing. I wouldn’t even hold the blobbing against them particularly– everybody does it– but Brave also have some of the biggest trash-talkers I’ve ever seen. I also used to be a Brave apologist, but several months of fighting them have shown me otherwise.

        March 31, 2021 at 11:09 PM
      • you don’t have a clue what Brave is and you clearly don’t know what Legacy coalition is and what comprises it with a statement like this. Brave USED to be a bunch of newbies, but many of them today are highly skilled(at least in SP) and very wealthy pilots and produce high level industry, and along with Legacy brethren, wield significant control over Eve resources. Brave is clearly NOT what you think it is. They are, as many large alliances functioning in coalition are, large government populations with large economic and political impacts that define the past, present and future of what happens in Eve…You are just mistaken. I cannot say I particularly ever liked Dunk and Cagali was an ass, but in their roles within their grand structure, they are neither themselves low skill broke newbs nor are/were they surrounded by them either.

        The name “Brave Newbies” is just a name and has been for a long time now. They still welcome new players and for the most part treat them very well…but for those who start to see what’s behind the Wizard’s curtain at the Emerald City, it’s just more of the same…like any government system it has its perks and its serious drawbacks.

        Your concept of Brave is thoroughly fictional and anyone who has spent anytime in any of the Legacy alliances knows this.

        April 13, 2021 at 6:52 AM