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Big Trouble In Little Esoteria

Elthar Nox 2022-01-07

Fraternity (FRT) has declared war on the The Army of Mangos (AoM). In a State Of The Alliance released by Noraus on January 5, he announced their intention to officially commence hostilities against their long-term rival. This war comes as…

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PAPI’s Final War Plans: News, Analysis, and Commentary

Moomin Amatin 2021-04-29

Wow, what a weekend it has been. PAPI member alliances Pandemic Horde (PH), Brave, and Test Alliance Please Ignore (TAPI) all held alliance meetings the weekend of April 24-25. I will summarize the key points, as there are over four…

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Brave’s March SOTA: News and Analysis

Gray Doc 2021-03-22

News Dunk Dinkle, the CEO of Brave, recently held a State of the Alliance (SOTA). He updated Brave members on the alliance’s move into Querious, urged them not to get too frustrated by the losses in Catch and Impass, and…

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Brave’s “Not-a-SOTA”

Gray Doc 2020-12-01

Recently, Dunk Dinkle, the leader of Brave Collective <BRAVE>, released another in his series of “not a SOTA” messages, covering topics such as the current war, Brave’s future plans, and the historic fights happening in Delve. His message, one of…