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EVE’s SINGLE SIGN ON (SSO) Security Update

JokerGuy 2018-11-19

EVE Online’s ESI (EVE Swagger Interface) allows third-party developers to create some amazing things. Still, visiting these non-official EVE Online website requires pilots to log in using their EVE Online account credentials for maximum usage. This can cause concern for…

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Dev Blog: Security Update February 2018

JuriusDoctor 2018-03-03

March 1, CCP released a new dev blog, containing some of the raw numbers around the recent glut of account bans. This will be part of a new regular series of updates meant to increase visibility into the fight against…

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Submission 2015-10-11

According to a recent dev Post by CCP RedDawn, Eve’s exploration aspect will soon be seeing some tweaks and changes. The focus of the changes will mainly be targeting the mechanics of Data Sites. The changes proposed are intended to…

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Dev Blog : New Summer SKINs

TMC Archives 2015-06-06

The newest Dev post by CCP FoxFour is all about SKINs. The last release of Carnyx brought with it four new SKINs, one for each of the Marauder class of ships : the Police SKIN for the Kronos, the Blood…

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Annual Character Stats Now Available

Submission 2015-03-24

Three new third party developed sites using the power of the CREST API: Yearly Character Stats endpoints are now available to the public. These new endpoints were discussed at Fanfest 2015 day 1, and are being used by the following…