Annual Character Stats Now Available


Three new third party developed sites using the power of the CREST API: Yearly Character Stats endpoints are now available to the public. These new endpoints were discussed at Fanfest 2015 day 1, and are being used by the following sites to show off what they are capable of:

According to CCP, the new API will allow us to “Discover all the things your characters did in EVE in 2013 and 2014: shots fired, missiles launched, logistic support provided, industry jobs delivered, ore mined, systems visited and much more.” After looking over the three sites, it becomes clear that there is a HEAVY emphasis on “much more“. Players will be able to view everything they did year-by-year in EVE Online, right down to the amount of characters typed in chat.

Bellatroix’s site breaks down the statistical data and presents it in a humorous way. The site can tell you how many times you could have watched This is EVE instead of playing, or the length of time it would take to ride your yearly warped distance on a bicycle. Bellatroix’s aptly named presents all the data on a single scrollable page, making for a highly digestible read.

Lukas Rox’s site gives you the data in six sections: Overview, Combat, Market, Industry, Exploration, and Navigation. Lukas Rox’s is the only of the three sites to not be presented on a single page. The data comes in a crisp manner and the layout of the site is incisive and concise.

Aaeriele’s site layout is minimal, making for a single page site that is very easy to read. The usage of charts and graphs makes the data easy to read. Aaeriele’s site uses color coding to help make the massive amount of information human readable.

CCP states that “your every action in EVE Online makes a difference and the client keeps track of it all. For the first time ever, yearly statistics for your personal character will be available, and you’re going to be amazed at how much is there!” The amount of data contained in the new CREST API endpoints is huge, and the best way to see just how much CCP has been keeping track of our little internet spaceships is to view one of these sites for yourself.

Thia article originally appeared on, written by Wolf Merrik.

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