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CSM 17 Voting To Begin

Arrendis 2022-06-06

On Tuesday, June 7 2022, voting will begin for CSM 17. Voting will run for one week, until June 14, with the final results of the voting tallied and announced two days later, on Thursday, June 16. With the new…

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So You Want to Run for CSM? Here’s What You Need to Know

Submission 2020-04-21

It’s about that time of year again — the time when hearts swell with endless possibilities, hope springs eternal, and the dreams of many a capsuleer in New Eden turns to one of the rarest of laurels. No, it’s not…

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Announcing Reboot of The Meta Show

Arrendis 2019-11-06

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 6, 2019 INN Announcement: Reboot of “The Meta Show” Addition of New Co-Host, Format and Style The Imperium News Network, EVE Online’s largest player-run media enterprise, is announcing today that it is rebooting its flagship EVE…

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Meta-Game failure of our Time?

Moomin Amatin 2019-04-28

This is a piece that I was not expecting to write at all, or at least not for 5 years. In fact the only reason I write it is to give a better explanation of the recent debacle involving Brisc,…

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Sister Bliss 2019-04-26

This post is an official statement on behalf of The Initiative [INIT.] following the publication of the “FINAL STATEMENT ON BRISC RUBAL FOLLOW UP INVESTIGATION” Dev-Blog by CCP Grendel on 25th April 2019. We are delighted to have our members…

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BREAKING: CCP Releases Final Rubal Report: BANS OVERTURNED

Arrendis 2019-04-25

CCP has reversed their initial findings on Brisc Rubal and two other members of The Initiative. (INIT). Two weeks ago, a dev blog indicated that three individuals from INIT were being banned for a breach of confidentiality and illicit in-game…

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Arrendis 2019-04-08

In surprising news today, CCP Dopamine has posted a new dev-blog to let the playerbase know that Brisc Rubal has been removed from the Council of Stellar Management. According to Dopamine, Rubal was “found to be sharing confidential information with…