This post is an official statement on behalf of The Initiative [INIT.] following the publication of the “FINAL STATEMENT ON BRISC RUBAL FOLLOW UP INVESTIGATION” Dev-Blog by CCP Grendel on 25th April 2019.

We are delighted to have our members (Brisc Rubal, Dark Shines & Pandoralica) back and would like to thank CCP Grendel, CCP Dopamine and the CCP Community Team for their time and efforts in reviewing the allegations against our players and confirming that neither Brisc Rubal nor the other players implicated in this incident breached CCP’s confidentiality, the terms of the Non-Disclosure Agreement, or used privileged information to obtain an in-game advantage.

Furthermore we would also like to thank those members of the Eve Community who have supported us, our players and CCP through this process.

Now let’s fly spaceships…



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  • Moomin Amatin

    So who do we go to war with? And can we call this war “World War KillahBee”? 😉

    April 26, 2019 at 7:49 PM
    • spartan885 Moomin Amatin

      who do we burn?……there must be blood!

      April 27, 2019 at 2:03 AM