Solace Test Server Opens


Have you ever wanted to fly a Titan?  You can! right now… On a test server.

As part of CCP testing its new equipment, the Solace test server is now open. Nearly one thousand players are climbing into Titans and having doomsday parties. This is possible due to any character created before November 30 being awarded every skill on the test server. On top of that, every ship in the game is on sale for 100 ISK each. This combination means an opportunity to experience EVE as you may never get the chance to again.

A dev blog was released on this on two days ago.

On Friday December 4th @ 15:00 GMT a test server called Solace which is running on the TQ Tech III hardware will be available through the new launcher, so if you have not already downloaded the Beta version you should do so.

We’d like you all to come and try out the new hardware with us so that we can gather some information on how smoothly it’s running. All we need you guys to do, is be yourselves! Fly around, shoot each other in the middle of the face, have some fun and enjoy some spaceship violence. We’ll do the rest.

As part of the fun, when we bring Solace online for testing, we’ve decided that we’re going to seed the market in a similar way we do with Singularity, and give you all maxed out skillpoints to play with during the test. We hope to see as many of you there as possible for some fun!

We think a massive fleet fight would be a pretty good test for this, so get your ships ready! We hope you’ll join for a massive fight on Friday so that we can see how the new hardware runs!

To participate, use the beta launcher (instructions are in the dev blog), and activate the server through settings.

Once activated, you can jump in and play along.

Once you load in and give permission for the client to download your data (automatic), type in “/moveme” and you will see a list of locations to move to. Pick station 6-CZ49.

This is a fun way to help CCP test its new server equipment and get some experience as a capital pilot all at the same time. Just remember that once you undock a Titan, you can’t dock up again, yet. Self destruct and start all over again; after all, you are a capsuleer.

This article originally appeared on, written by Matterall.

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