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Is Cryptocurrency Ruining the GPU Market?

Chase Gamwell 2018-02-08

Building a computer is an act of pure joy. It can take months to design the right machine: deliberating over minor differences between parts, finding the best prices, deciding when is the right time to pull the trigger. And once…

28 Eve Online

The Million Dollar Fight That Wasn’t

Arrendis 2018-01-25

Well, another milestone has come and gone. January 23, 2018 (or, YC 120 if you prefer the CONCORD date). The Battle of 9-4RP2. It was going to join Asakai, B-R5RB, 6VDT, and M-OEEB in the annals of Capsuleer Military History….

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Solace Test Server Opens

TMC Archives 2015-12-05

Have you ever wanted to fly a Titan? ¬†You can! right now… On a test server. As part of CCP testing its new equipment, the Solace test server is now open. Nearly one thousand players are climbing into Titans and…