Sisters of Eve Ships to be Obtainable Using Chips


Since their release, the Stratios and Astero have suffered from being rather overpriced compared to other faction ships. This is due to the fact that they cost 50% more than their counterparts for the majority of the people who run missions for the Sisters of Eve. Although the Nestor has only been in the game for a few days, it’s evident the price:power ratio will be worse than the Stratios and Astero.

CCP Rise announced a solution to this earlier today. Rogue Drone NPCs will now drop nexus chips. These chips are similar to the ones that can be used to buy faction ship BPCs from loyalty stores, and will function in the same way. Rogue Drones will drop the chips at a similar rate to other NPCs dropping BPCs, which can then be redeemed at any Sisters of Eve station for a one-run BPC of the appropriate ship.

The chips and the ships they can be redeemed into are listed below:

Rogue Drone 46-X Nexus Chip – Nestor

Rogue Drone 43-X Nexus Chip – Stratios

Rogue Drone 42-X Nexus Chip – Astero

This will go some way to reducing prices for all of the faction ships, as well as slightly enriching ratters in the Drone Regions and decreasing the income of people running Sisters of Eve missions. Eventually, this is likely to result in the price of the Nestor becoming more proportional to its power.

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  • 19dac49 .

    The chips required for the Astero and Nestor are reversed 46x for Astero & 42x for Nestor

    December 19, 2018 at 8:03 PM