4 Eve Online

CCP Announces SoE Monument Will Be in Republic Space

Arrendis 2017-12-04

Lanngisi, Metropolis Region – In a new World News posting today, in-universe reporter Ret Gloriaxx revealed the location of the Project Discovery monument coming in tomorrow’s Arms Race release. The monument will be located at the Sisters of EVE Biological…

8 Eve Online

Drifters’ Blood-Drenched Shadow War Spills Into The Light

Sophia 'Alizabeth' S 2016-12-06

When the Drifters first appeared, they were something mysterious to investigate and discover. They were dangerous, of course, but so is uranium. The first groups to look into the Drifters were along this theme: investigation and exploration. That changed when…

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Daybreak Games CEO Steps Down

TMC Archives 2015-07-23

Earlier today, it was confirmed that John Smedley stepped down as CEO and president of Daybreak Game Company. John Smedley is a big figure in the gaming industry, having played a key role in the making of the Everquest franchise….

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Sisters of Eve Ships to be Obtainable Using Chips

TMC Archives 2014-01-31

Since their release, the Stratios and Astero have suffered from being rather overpriced compared to other faction ships. This is due to the fact that they cost 50% more than their counterparts for the majority of the people who run…

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Sony Online Entertainment Goes Through Layoffs

TMC Archives 2013-08-28

Sony Online Entertainment, of Planetside and Everquest fame, laid off a number of employees in their San Diego and Austin studios on August 28th. John Smedley, President of SOE, revealed that a number of staff members were laid off through…

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SOE Live: Interview with Zoidbergenstein and TWF

TMC Archives 2013-08-12

I had a chance to sit down¬†and get an interview¬†during the SOE Live Pool Party with Zoidbergenstein (NUC) and TWF (Future Crew), the leaders of two of the best Planetside 2 outfits. This was post Ultimate Empire Showdown, a community-run…