The Scope – Further Turmoil in New Eden




“Alton Haveri reports on the continued militarization of corporations and alliances across the cluster, in response to further increases in Drifter presence and the revelation of new footage believed to be the last broadcast from Dr Hilen Tukoss.”

A new video report by The Scope has been released by CCP showing the impact that news of the upcoming Sov mechanics have already had on the major Nullsec alliances. With Sov about to see major change, nullsec has erupted to large-scale battles on a daily basis. The Scope reported on measures that nullsec alliances have been taking in order to adapt to the predicted changes, and the major losses that have followed as a result.

Some alliances have decided to relinquish control of certain systems to establish a more defensible size, which according to The Scope “has created ‘power vacuums’ that various warring factions are contesting to fill.

The Scope also mentions the growing speculation regarding a possible Drifter invasion. This widespread concern has lead to a peace conference called by Arkon Sarain in the Pakshi system.

This article originally appeared on, written by Wolf Merrik.

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