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New Scope Video Talks CSM, Alpha Clones, and Amarr Event

Arrendis 2016-09-15

In a new video released on YouTube this week, The Scope news network addresses the ongoing CSM Summit and the impending Coronation. In their description of the Summit, they indicated that the topics being discussed by the CSM include both…

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New Scope Video Raises Questions

Arrendis 2015-07-25

In the latest segment released by CCP’s in-game news agency The Scope, New Eden reporter Alton Haveri details the destruction of a convoy of 5 Charon freighters owned by the Lai Dai Corporation, which was bringing a shipment of Guardian logistics…

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The Scope – Further Turmoil in New Eden

TMC Archives 2015-05-16

    “Alton Haveri reports on the continued militarization of corporations and alliances across the cluster, in response to further increases in Drifter presence and the revelation of new footage believed to be the last broadcast from Dr Hilen Tukoss.”…