New Scope Video Talks CSM, Alpha Clones, and Amarr Event


In a new video released on YouTube this week, The Scope news network addresses the ongoing CSM Summit and the impending Coronation. In their description of the Summit, they indicated that the topics being discussed by the CSM include both the upcoming Alpha/Omega Clone States, and further iteration and refining of the Aegis Sovereignty system.

For lore buffs, the ticker along the bottom contained a few interesting snippets:

  • Imperial Armed Forces raise threat level to severe after second failed attack on Imperial Guard assets stationed in Safizon
  • Preparations begin for 42nd Federal Gravball Championships final at Grant Teigjon Resort and Casino
  • Sanmatar Shakor tours newly commissioned prototype hydroelectric power generation facility on Vorks IV
  • Roden Shipyards confirms retirement of Arnerore Rylerave after 80 years of service as Roden lead prototyping engineer
  • Upwell consortium set to deliver shareholder presentation on plans for new Raitaru Azbel and Sotiyo class engineering complexes with prototype blueprints said to be near completion
  • Amarr Navy releases identifying data on key Purity of the Throne installations while urging capsuleers to purge members of the organization
  • Chaos on board Yona II core Complexion Factory finally conatained after 16 hour operation to recover ruptured shipment of 18000 live felines bound for Eletta finally concludes
  • Outer Ring Excavations confirms rumors of new subsystem testing aboard Kubera Mining Platform

Obviously, some of these items are small, incidental filler (like the Gravball champtionships), but others bear obvious tie-ins to upcoming events, like the new industrial mini-game ‘catch 18,000 cats that got loose in your factory’.

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