RvB Rises Again


In a quick turnaround from the organisation shuttering a month ago, RvB seems to be back on its feet and looking to get back in the game. The following is the press release RvB have put out to promote its return:

You’ve heard the rumors and read the articles: in late October, the venerable Red vs. Blue organization died a quiet death. Unfortunately, it appears that reports of our demise have been greatly exaggerated. Following the resignation of most of RvB’s leadership in November, a new crop of seasoned leaders and fleet commanders have stepped forward to continue the Eternal War, Eve’s premier spot for fast, fun PvP.

That’s right – RvB ain’t dead yet. Ships continue to explode with alarming frequency in the Oisio/Oshaima region of Caldari space and activity is on the rise due to a renewed sense of duty on the parts of both Red and Blue veterans from across New Eden. Led by the steady aim of Lady Ayeipsia, a VP of RvB leading up to the events of late October, as well as Vision Thing Achasse (Red CEO) and Jasper Sinclair (Blue CEO), RvB ‘MkIII’ is well on its way to reclaiming its former glory. It is open for recruitment in all timezones, boasts the same Mumble, Forum, and Prefit Ship services as before, and has done away with the extraneous things like POCOs that proved to be RvB Mk II’s undoing.

For those interested in putting their existing PvP skills to use, or learning by doing amongst the most active PvPers in the game, a new recruitment forum thread has gone up, the in-game channel R-V-B is manned at all hours by RvB members, or inquiries can be made to RvB’s official Twitter account, @rvbeve.

As mentioned, this is not the first time RvB has dissolved, only to reform again. With a number of alliances having closed their doors this year – Fatal Ascension, Nullli Secunda and Black Legion, to name a few – having one less on the bonfire can only be good for the health and variety of New Eden.

This article originally appeared on TheMittani.com, written by danikov.

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