New Eden Tour with CCP


CCP has gotten into the streaming business, covering more of EVE and DUST, in addition to tournaments and official events. The developers have been taking viewers through adventures showing off various aspects of their games.

Yesterday, CCP Logibro and CCP Falcon teamed up to go sightseeing (on the SISI test server), covering some notable landmarks around New Eden. You can see this episode of CCP Streams on the CCP Twitch page.

New Eden Tour

Saminar, Tash-Murkon – Traumark Installation

A large military installation that was built to protect the southern side of Tash-Murkon territory. It fell to Sansha’s Nation, which now fires upon any visitors. At its prime it was a very large complex, but now the remains are only three stations big.

C9N-CC, Esoteria – Wreckage of the First Titan

The remains of “Steve,” the first Titan ever produced. Piloted by Cyvok of Celestial Horizons Corp, the titan was destroyed by Band of Brothers, making it the first Titan to fall as well. At the time of its destruction, there were only three titans in existence.

Shastal, Devoid – City of God

A 2,000 year old structure, the City of God was built as a religious retreat for the Amarr Emperor of the time, Zaragram II. Known as the Mad Emperor, Zaragram II never lived to see his own vision for the Amarr faith come to fruition. He was assassinated by his grandson, who also destroyed the city shortly after its construction.

Yulai, Genisis – Minmatar Elder Fleet and CONCORD HQ Graveyard

As depicted in the trailer for Empyrean Age, and in the book by the same name, the space wreckage of the Elder Fleet and the former CONCORD Headquarters remains a visitable site in New Eden. This is one of the battles that launched the Faction Wars. The CONCORD station made an appearance in this teaser trailer before its destruction. Note it site in two pieces, a testiment to its sturdy contruction.

Safizon, Domain – Wreckage of the TES Seraph

This site was recently created after the death of Empress Jamyl at the hands of drifters. The moment of her death can be seen on this video caught by Tiberius Stargazer.

Arnher, Metropolis –  Abandoned CRC Relay Station

The station was dedicated to a long-standing member of the ISD, who volunteered as a part of the community management service from 2005. In addition to the monitoring site, the player’s wreckage remains. Long ago when EVE was a smaller and tighter community, CCP often did things to commemorate players. Planets were named after champions, and whole systems were named after devs. This site is a continuation of that tradition.

Taisy, Lonetrek –  Guristas Recruitment Center

CCP Falcon’s favorite place in all of New Eden – he was a leader of the infamous pirate corporation, Veto – this recruitment center has in-space agents you can take missions from. A neat site, considering that Fatal, the co-founder of Guristas, has made a recent comeback in Valkyrie. The nearby “Kyonoke Pit” is the site of a deadly contagion as written about in the chronicle of the same name. Sansha’s Nation came through and took part of the pathogen away, though the ultimate fate of it remains a mystery.

B-R5RB, Immensea – Titanomachy

The wreckage of largest capital fight in EVE’s history. CCP produced short documentary on the fight, and a number of player-made videos are available covering it. Massive as the battle was, it is still not the largest fight on record.

CX8-6K, Delve – Blood Reach

A religious site for the profain Blood Raiders. You can take in-space agent missions here.

Luminaire, Essence –  Caldari Prime Titan Wreck

A war zone between Caldari and Gallente, and the home of Caldari Prime (planet VII). The Gallente/Caldari territorial problems can be likened to East and West Berlin during the cold war. This planet had a Caldari titan circling it for years, which was likely the only titan new players would see while incubating in high-sec space. It was eventually destroyed by players during an event, which TMC covered. You can see the wreckage on the planet floor, beneath the clouds. CCP produced a short video on the event.

DU0-51, Wicked Creek – The Tain

A hideout for a drug dealer who worked for the Angel Cartel.

Ienakkamon, Black Rise – The Solitaire

A mysterious location in Gallente/Caldari faction war space, where the wreckage of a Minmatar Republic Fleet Ragnarok (titan) called “The Solitaire” can be found. The crew has mysteriously vanished while the escape pods remained onboard.

Isie, Lonetrek – R55 Colony Ruins

This old facility is surrounded by a cloud of toxic gas after experiments went wrong. The site has been in EVE since the beginning.

Vilinnon, Placid – Serpent’s Coil

An old Gallente war outpost that was repurposed as a hideout for the shady Serpentis gang. The site is chronicled in the “Serpent’s Coil.

Access, Genesis – Jove Observatory

A destroyed Jove observatory. These “listening towers” were recording the civilisations of New Eden for the Jove, and remained cloaked for the first ten years of the game (and beyond that in the backstory). When the Jove mysteriously disappeared, the towers began to lose power, allowing them to decloak on their own. They can be found all over New Eden, and are often near highly lethal Drifter NPCs.

New Eden, Genesis – Eve Gate

The beginning of the cluster, and the system from which the universe of EVE takes it name. This is the original wormhole gate that lead the human race into New Eden, as depicted in the Origins trailer that sets the stage when players launch EVE for the first time. The system is highly unstable and bare.

The tour ends where we all began. If you are inspired by these locations or CCP’s stream, you have some options for sightseeing, yourself! Mark726 runs a great website called EVE Travel, and EVE University has its own tour guide page. The easiest way to learn about your surroundings is to is the “Get Info” button in game.

I have tried to talk Mark into setting up a tour business. Surely there are intrepid junior FCs that would like to be tour guides, safely running new players through dangerous territory. Until then, get into cheap ships (you never know what could happen along the way), and enjoy visiting some often overlooked parts of EVE.

This article originally appeared on, written by Matterall.

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