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A Subtle Slip – CCP Changes CSM Candidacy Requirements

TMC Archives 2016-01-22

The candidacy application period for Council of Stellar Management XI is now open and in full swing following an announcement by CCP Leeloo on January 15. This announcement follows up a previous post on January 8 breaking down the timetable for CSM XI’s…

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Skill Trading Coming in February

TMC Archives 2016-01-22

“I’m sure you want to know about pricing for Extractors…” On January 18, CCP Rise wrote a new dev blog covering the finer details of the skillpoint trading feature that will arrive in the February patch. The recent post was a…

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The Morning Toast: The Impossibility Of Ship Balance

TMC Archives 2016-01-21

Welcome to The Morning Toast, an occasional column where I write about… things. My goal is to inform or amuse by writing on a variety of topics; one column might be on interesting things, the next on informative things, perhaps…

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Upcoming Features and Contests for EVE Online

TMC Archives 2016-01-20

Following the January release, CCP Seagull has provided an update on recent additions and upcoming features to EVE Online. You find the video embedded below, but here are the key notes: Check out the new camera and settings which were…

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1-SMEB Burns With Massive Capital Brawl

TMC Archives 2016-01-20

What began as a small skirmish on January 18 between Northern Coalition (NCdot) and NPC Delve residents Dangerous Voltage, quickly spiraled into a massive capital fight with heavy escalations of supercapitals and dreadnoughts as NCdot found itself caught in a trap…

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Among the Stars: War

TMC Archives 2016-01-19

It’s a beautiful thing, wintertime. We have feasts, holidays, and festival launchers to look forward to. If you’re like me, you also have real world obligations which take you out of New Eden for a large chunk of December. So…

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David Matterall 2016-01-19

A war has erupted between corporations and bankers. The Imperium member Space Monkeys Alliance (SMA) has been exchanging financial and strategic attacks with the bankers of the gambling conglomerate (IWANTISK). Both sides are following through on threats that have engulfed them…

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Submission 2016-01-19

‘Call me Basilisk Reign. Four months ago – never mind how long precisely – having a lot of ISK in my wallet and nothing of particular to interest me in k-space, I thought I would fit and fly an officer-fit Nidhoggur.’ And…

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75B ISK Throwdown in Nalvula

TMC Archives 2016-01-18

THE STAGE On January 16, in the system of Nalvula, Imperium forces led by CO2 engaged NC, PL, Mercenary Coalition, Project Mayhem, and TRI over two Project Mayhem staging towers as they were coming out of reinforced mode. The engagement lasted around two hours,…

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Old Bug Kills Imperium Fleet, Starts 23B ISK Fight

Submission 2016-01-17

“35… now 48.. 55 now. They are undocking” – UI Scout Bugs in EVE Online, whether known or unknown, are a big pain. This time, an old bug fooled an Imperium FC, resulting in the slaughtering of a POS repairing fleet….

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Anehii 2016-01-16

First, strange sound-emitting artifacts, now strange new creatures. Alien life has been revealed to the world of Elite: Dangerous. Last year, a strange artifact was found in the Pleiades Nebula, approximately 380 light years from our solar system. The artifact…

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Submission 2016-01-15

A previous TMC article described the coming of command destroyers (CD) as ‘The finger of God’. Now one month on from the patch release I would like to take a look at some of the situations I have seen CDs…

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TMC Archives 2016-01-15

“Get ready in 3.. 2..1.. FIRE!” -Progodlegend YC 117, GGE-5Q THE STAGE On January 10, in the system of GGE-5Q, Test Alliance Please Ignore (TEST) and their allies engaged Triumvirate (TRI) over a TEST-owned R64 POS reinforcement timer. The engagement…

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REKKINGCREW Kills Rigless, Blueprint-Packed Erebus in Jaymass

TMC Archives 2016-01-14

THE STAGE On January 11 at 11:00:11 EVE time, in the system of Jaymass in Derelik, FILORO, previously a member of INFAMOUS, lost a rigless and gunless Erebus packed full of blueprints to the titan-hunting REKKINGCREW. As many of you…