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Ex-Darkness Titan Down in Aridia

TMC Archives 2015-11-24

On November 23 at 0130, an Avatar owned by Zonicks, and worth nearly 130B ISK, was destroyed in the system of Yehaba, Aridia. Zonicks was a Black Legion titan pilot during the epic fight in B-R5RB where he helped to…

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NC. and Imperium Brawl; 48B ISK Destroyed

Submission 2015-11-23

Northern Coalition and the Imperium clashed in MR4-MY on November 22, at approximately 19:41 EVE time. In the wake of the conflict, over 48 billion ISK worth of wreckage was left, along with much heartache for Northern Coalition and Space…

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Bill McDonough 2015-11-22

Friend of TMC Scott Manley is best known for his YouTube videos supporting and explaining Kerbal Space Program. He is also an aficionado of a great number of space games, including EVE Online. Scott has released a new video explaining…

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Capital Focus Group Subreddit Created

TMC Archives 2015-11-22

The state of capital ships in EVE Online has been perhaps the most hotly debated topic discussed in recent memory, with the possible exception of nullsec sovereignty reform. From the overwhelming dominance of “slowcat” carrier fleets, to the large supercarrier…

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Review: Star Wars Battlefront

TMC Archives 2015-11-21

Ever since the 1997 Theatrical Re-release of the Special Edition trilogy, Star Wars fans have been craving a video game that captures the epic battles of the Star Wars movies. The battles on Hoth and Endor, in particular, are begging…

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Review: Life is Feudal: Your Own

TMC Archives 2015-11-21

On November 17, indie developer BitBox Games released its new sandbox game: Life is Feudal: Your Own, on Steam. Life is Feudal was the winner of this year’s Best Indie MMO award at E3. Part of the planned Life is…

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Loot Fairy Says “No” — 48B ISK SMA Drops Almost Nothing

Submission 2015-11-20

The loot fairy is a wondrous and spiteful creature. She appears the second anything explodes in EVE Online, deciding what drops and what is destroyed. Some days she is immeasurably gracious, but other days she is quite the opposite. Such…

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Submission 2015-11-19

“System just spiked, FC.” “They came in from the 0-SH1T gate, FC. Thirty Svipuls and a dozen of those Be Frosty Command ships. They warped your way…” “OK, logi, what the hell — you are all bunched up! Orbit anchor at 15k,…

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State of the Goonion Address: Cloud Ring Purge

Bill McDonough 2015-11-19

Thursday, November 19, saw the delivery of another State of the Goonion address from The Mittani, heralding the beginning of a new war for the Imperium. Streamed live on TheMittaniTV’s Twitch channel, the address named Pandemic Horde <REKTD>‘s nascent coalition, involving many…

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Tell Me A Story I Haven’t Heard Before

TMC Archives 2015-11-18

The Reason Why The Same Stories Get Repackaged And Why Its Hard To Have Good Stories If It Sold The First Time, Sell It To Them Again Ages ago, back when VHS roamed the Earth, I was stricken with Chicken…

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Conflict in Insmother: 300B ISK Destroyed So Far

Submission 2015-11-18

Drone Regions Federation (DRF) and Red Menace Coalition (RMC) are inflicting massive losses on each other as they battle in Insmother. Over the past three days, both of the Russian coalitions have committed huge forces for their respective causes, and…

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Battle Report: No Vacancies vs Lazerhawks

TMC Archives 2015-11-17

In No Vacancies’s Home System on November 15 in J151530, Lazerhawks (LZHX) engaged No Vacancies (NVACA) in a challenged fight. Lazerhawk’s lost 33 billion ISK of ships and No Vacancies lost 15 billion ISK. Background In wormholes, you don’t have…

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Grid Size Changes on the Horizon

Submission 2015-11-17

A key part of EVE you probably don’t think about much, the grid, is set to get a major overhaul in the near future. GRIDS – AN INVISIBLE CONUNDRUM A grid in EVE is the volumetric area that your ship…

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Metropolis Heats Up: Dead Terrorists under Siege

TMC Archives 2015-11-16

Over the last few weeks, the lowsec area of Metropolis has become a battleground between Dead Terrorists (IKILU)/ FETID (FETID) and a cooperative lead by Blinky Red Brotherhood (B.R.B) and No Handlebars. (SWEG.). Background Dead Terrorists (IKILU) have been residents…