GM Week 2020 Kicks Off September 14


CCP’s annual GM Week  begins Monday, September 14, and runs through Saturday, September 19. As with previous such events, each day will have special activities, including:

  • Monday, September 14 at 17:00 UTC – Whack-a-Bot in Yulai. Capsuleers may want to bring a fast, but high DPS ships, as the bot ships are often spread far and wide in Yulai.  Prizes are given to those who score the last blow of certain bots taken down. This year expect plenty of supers to go down and go boom. 
  • Tuesday, September 15 at 17:00 UTC – Join a fleet with EVE player/video creator/streamer BjornBee, as well as GMs and Interstellar Service Directors (ISDs). 
  • Thursday, September 17 at 15:00 UTC – The Reddit AMA with the GMs. Ask the GMs any question that has been burning in your mind.
  • Friday, September 18 at 17:00 UTC – The winners of the various other competitions will be announced, bringing the event to an end.

Many other non-scheduled events will take place as well, including opportunities for capsuleers to search for hidden stashes, a treasure hunt based on knowledge of New Eden, GMs roaming around rookie systems (giving newbies a chance to meet the game’s content creators), and for those who want to participate in an event while remaining docked, a short story competition. CCP will provide more details about these events as the week unfolds.

The GM Week event, while popular with capsuleers, has generated some controversy, especially in the Whack-a-Bot event. As designed and announced by CCP, the Whack-a-Bot event teleports rule-breaking botting ships into Yulai space, where player fleets are invited to destroy the offenders. However, some players question whether the bots are fake and just planted by CCP itself to generate content. Other players are outraged that CCP hasn’t removed all botters yet given its ban on botting.

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