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This Weekend: Enter the Proving Grounds and Become King of The Abyss

Quendan 2020-04-09

In Onslaught (2018), CCP introduced Proving Grounds to Abyssal deadspace. When enough people are running T3+ Abyssal cruiser sites, a gate to a fourth pocket that contains an additional cache can spawn. If two runners enter, the cache (and exit…

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Iron Guard Leaves Goonswarm Federation

JuriusDoctor 2020-04-07

Iron Armada has made the decision to leave Goonswarm Federation. By the time you are reading this, it will already have happened. This is not an occasion to be mourned. Iron Guard CEO Tridgit summed it up nicely. “It’s just…

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April is the new March: Final(?) Revision of Patchnotes Announces new Implant Sets, The Hunt Event

Quendan 2020-04-06

Earlier today, CCP edited its patch notes released on March 10 to include the current patch, which, breaking with tradition for a second time, occurred on a Monday. Still, we elected to give the newest revision of the March notes its…

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Robert Miller 2020-04-06

CCP turned its PLEX for Good campaign toward the COVID-19 pandemic on April 3 with an announcement by CEO Hilmar Pétursson. Previous PLEX for GOOD campaigns by the Iceland-based game maker have raised over $500,000 from players for a variety…

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Tutu’s Weekly Deals and Cool Stuff!

CaptainTutu 2020-04-03

What’s up everyone! I’m CaptainTutu, and if you’re familiar with our talk show here on INN called Cartridge 2 Cloud then you’re familiar with this segment, but to everyone else — Welcome to Tutu’s Weekly Deals and Cool Stuff! Every…

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Deep Dive: The EVE Ecosystem Outlook

Calyle Morrison 2020-04-03

In an effort to maintain a constant stream of updates and open monitoring between the player base and the developers, CCP dove into their perspective, goals, and progress in their latest dev-blog The Eve Online Ecosystem Outlook. The blog opens…

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EVE: Eclipse | The Triglavian Masterstroke

JuriusDoctor 2020-04-02

As earlier reported, CCP today released the EVE: Eclipse trailer that was originally intended to come out at FanFest. This also marks the beginning of Quadrant 2 for 2020, ending the Q1 ‘Fight or Flight’ content. Before we go any…

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Eve: Eclipse Trailer Teases New Ships, Star Destruction and Story

Quendan 2020-04-02

CCP teased EVE Quadrant 2, called Eclipse, with a new trailer and devblog today. The trailer appears to show Zorya Triglav seemingly taking over, and forces emerging from a planet. The defenders battle the invading Triglavians with a Titan and…

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CCP’s Vision: The EVE Ecosystem Outlook

Calyle Morrison 2020-04-01

On Monday, March 30, CCP posted “The EVE Online Ecosystem Outlook” dev-blog in which they introduce their long term goals for EVE Online, as well as the major updates planned to achieve them. The Ecosystem Segment The dev-blog starts with…

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CCP Details Moon Goo Changes

Savvy Kneel 2020-03-30

[UPDATE: In a revision of the March 10 Patch Notes, CCP noted that the Moon Goo changes detailed below are live as of March 30.]   In February, CCP announced plans for achieving, “a healthier mineral distribution throughout New Eden.” The…

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Not So Socially Distant In Space

Robert Miller 2020-03-27

My main belongs to one of the alliances that make up the Imperium. It holds space north of Delve, and is one of several groups that form a defensive shield on the western edge of the map against any invasion…

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The Merry Misadventures of John Wilkes Bluetooth – Part 1: Holing Up

Savvy Kneel 2020-03-23

As I mentioned here, I’m a newish capsuleer who had to go win Eve for a while back in 2018 due to RL circumstances, and who is now returning to the game. My favorite part of Eve has always been…

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FI.RE Coalition Doused in Detorid

RedlineXIII 2020-03-22

Around 18:15 March 22 in the system of 0IF-26, a carefully orchestrated plan was carried out that resulted in the loss of nearly half a trillion ISK by the FI.RE coalition of Legion of xXDeathXx (XIX) and RAZOR Alliance (RZR), among others….

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Interview: XyzzyYYZ , The Man with the Links

Ban Syrin 2020-03-20

XyzzyYYZ is known to lots of new members of Imperium as “The Man With the Links”.  If you type a question into Imperium’s new pilot channel, Little_bees, and he’s online, you’re almost certainly going to get a link to an…