Nulli Secunda Supers downed by PL in Etherium Reach


Nulli Secunda (S2N) has lost five supercarriers to Pandemic Legion, SOLAR FLEET, and others in fighting that cost them roughly 180 billion ISK in two Etherium Reach systems.

Amanda Starscream, Nulli Secunda Co-FC and Target Caller for S2N’s subcapital fleet explained to TMC that a R64 moon was taken from Triumvirate by Nulli Secunda in the system of FKR-SR two days ago. This R64 has been in constant conflict for the past 48 Hours after being taken by S2N.


When S2N FC’s realized that Triumvirate had just reinforced the tower in FKR-SR, they quickly formed and dropped a Rattlesnake Fleet with Triage and Dreadnought support on the Triumvirate fleet as they entered BNX-AS. Nulli Secunda then felt that they had enough support in-range of the targets and dropped supercarriers. Nulli successfully eradicated all of the dreadnoughts, Hictors and typhoons. Nulli Secunda forces then warped off-grid to a Safe Point in-system to await the exit cyno…

At this point, it would seem that Murphy’s Law did not smile upon the pilots of Nulli Secunda as their exit cyno did not have enough Liquid Ozone to light. Three or four minutes passed according to the witness pilot, and by this time there were Interdictor Bubbles all over the S2N Capitals and Super-capitals. At 19:06 EVE Time, the first Sabre-class Interdictor perished in the system of BNX-AS to three SOLAR Fleet and SOLAR Wing stealth bombers. It is reasonable to assume that the Interdictor was in the process of bubbling the three Aeon-class supercarriers of Y0urMaster, Iella Sei’lar, and Kitty McDowell. Lokis and Muninns were bridged in to rescue the tackled supers and, as bubbles cleared, ten of the thirteen were able to jump before another round of bubbles went up, sealing their fate.

The fight soon blossomed to over 500 Pilots in system, from many different alliances that reside in Etherium Reach and the surrounding regions. As Nulli Secunda member Gyn Steel stated, “It was Nulli v. EVE.”

Y0urMaster’s Aeon was the first to go down under heavy fire by Pandemic Legion supercarriers at 19:58 EVE time, Iella Sei’lar’s Aeon fell soon after, at 20:05, with Kitty McDowell’s downed at 20:11.

  • Nulli Secunda suffered a total loss of 66 Vessels, including three Aeon-class supercarriers, six dreadnoughts and four carriers, totaling in at 108 billion ISK.
  • Pandemic Legion, Mordus Angels, Triumvirate and SOLAR FLEET lost a total of 119 vessels, including ten dreadnoughts, and four carriers at 49 billion ISK. Although Pandemic Legion and Triumvirate are not on friendly terms, they have been stuck together in this Battle Report for simplicity as both involved in destroying the Nulli Secunda supercarriers.
  • The Initiative, Nova Prime, Dream Fleet and Tau Ceti Federation, whom third-partied the fight in small numbers lost 4.5 billion ISK, and a total of five vessels.


After exfiltration from BNX-AS to LXQ2-T, S2N Super-Capitals elected to burn thirty kilometers into the POS Forcefields instead of warping from a tactical bookmark. This allowed time for StainWagon Coalition members to bump two more Aeons away from the field, Super Trubka and CZX Angel, long enough for Pandemic Legion to eradicate them as well.

  • Nulli Secunda lost an additional 69 vessels, including two Aeons, and two Archons, totaling in at an additional 71 billion ISK.
  • Pandemic Legion, Triumvirate, and SOLAR/StainWagon forces lost an additional 24 vessels at 2.2 billion ISK.

S2N forces eliminated the SOLAR Typhoon Fleet nearby but were required to evacuate after a fleet of reinforcement Tengus arrived for the opposition.

Pandemic Legion, nor the Nulli Secunda Aeon pilots have yet to officially comment at the time of writing.

UPDATE: PL has posted the following footage of the fighting: No Longer Available

UPDATE II: Nulli lost 3 supercarriers in BNX, with the third being the Aeon of Y0urMaster. Amendments have been made to the article to reflect this.

This article originally appeared on, written by Kristoff Merkas.

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