New Developments in Unidentified Wormholes on Singularity


UPDATE: The Scope has released footage broadcast from within one of the Unidentified Wormholes showing not only one of these massive structures, but also what appear to be hundreds of Drifter battleships massing in nearby space. The footage was originally recorded by capsuleer Hilen Tukoss of the Eifyr corporation of Metropolis, who has been reported missing since the incident in question. The Scope’s report includes news of impending Search & Rescue operations beginning under the auspices of the Sisters of Eve.

The unfolding story of Caroline’s Star and the possible fall of the Jovian Empire continues with new developments on the Singularity Test Server. The presence of Circadian Seekers, and later Drifter battleships presence has become linked with the new “Unidentified” Wormholes as they make their presence felt across New Eden. So far on Tranquility, capsuleers are unable to enter these wormholes, but that appears to no longer be the case on Singularity.

Capsuleers have begun to report successfully gaining entry into the Unidentified Wormholes. Once inside, however, the explorers have found that unlike normal wormholes, these new wormholes have no matching return path. Instead, each of these new wormhole systems is reported to contain two one-way entries – with the entry points scannable from the inside – and a single static two-way connection with a Class 2 wormhole system.

More interesting still are some of the contents of these wormholes. Each of the explored wormholes revealed five static sites. Two of the static sites require hacking modules and coordinated efforts between at least two pilots, traversing sets of parallel acceleration gates. The sites’ Sleeper NPCs seem on-par with C5-6 gas/ore site NPCs, and respawn in under an hour, even with capsuleers still in the room.

The structures and complexes inside these wormholes are huge. As these images by one explorer show, some of the structures are over 150 km across. In addition, the last image in the series nails down the connection between these systems and the Jove, as well as furthering speculation that the Jove Empire may have truly collapsed in the wake of Sansha incursions into Jovian space five years ago.

Of course, all of these elements are still only present on Singularity. As with all material on Sisi, there may still be significant changes ahead before they make an appearance on Tranquility. To date, nothing official has been said by CCP about these discoveries, and no announcement of a planned release schedule has been made. At any rate, these new developments demonstrate a continued vision for the Drifter invasion in New Eden. Will the planned player-built stargates be related to these new wormholes? Will they be an escape from the mounting power of the re-awakened Sleepers? An avenue for counterattack? Or something completely different?

Whatever the answer ultimately proves to be, for now, we can only wait and see.

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