The Initiative. launches ‘Snatch’ Fleet


From the team which brought you Firewall, Frogfleet, Transformers, Boomslang and Faceless Machs, the Initiative. is pleased to formally announce the launch of its latest creation; ‘Snatch’ Fleet. Blending the best of our small-gang remote-rep Confessor and Assault Frig setups with the powerful and insanely chaotic command destroyer Micro Jump Field Generator capability, we have birthed a new flea-sized Frankenstein ready to shake your bones.

Comprised of remote-rep Magus, Daredevils, Cruors, Deacons and a few utility specialities, Snatch fleet is designed as a precision roaming setup or as an auxilliary fragmentation device for splitting larger fleets into consumable bite-sized chunks.

Field testing over the previous 3-4 weeks amongst the chaos of the Northern war has allowed us to stress-test and refine the config, plugging weak spots and evaluatiing how far we can stretch the limits.

Initial fleet expeditions were chaotic and despite losses showed immense promise. Brawling around in the madness of the M-OEE8 battle, our Magus pilots were expertly bodysnatching targetted indivuduals and flaying them around the grid while hundreds of hostiles chased helplessly into the exhaust vapour of MJD drives.

As with anything new, it takes a little time to iron out the kinks. The aftershock of 50 MJD’ing Magus can be exhilirating but also disorientating, and any small mistake can be (and was) costly. On subsequent outings, doing laps of hostile stagings we have improved efficiency and pushed the boundaries of how much we can brawl versus assassinating single targets in procession.

With over 35b in kills over the course of the last 4-5 ops for the exchange of a handful of Magus losses and with the loot fairy pocketing an average of 3b / op, the config has been a roaring success and most importantly incredible fun for everyone to participate in.

I’m sure we’ll be baited into a nasty trap at some stage soon, but until then may the heads continue to roll. You can’t say you didn’t see it coming.



(Editor’s Note: This submission comes to us from Sister Bliss, of The Initiative.)

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