SpaceMonkey’s Alliance Leaving The Imperium


SpaceMonkey’s Alliance’s EX River announced during his State of the Alliance address on Sunday that SMA would be officially leaving the Imperium.

The announcement came after several days of speculation by third-parties, in the wake of what was a very turbulent week for SMA. The last few days have seen multiple departures from SMA – including corporations such as Minion Revolution [MINI3] and Pwn ‘N Play [PWN N], and notable members such as Kyle Aparthos and Zack1023.

During his address, River explained in no uncertain terms that SMA would not be abandoning the friendships forged with their Imperium allies, but needed to leave the Imperium and the current theater of war in order to repair SMA’s organization in light of recent events. Both SMA and their Imperium allies will be remaining blue to each other, for the foreseeable future.

River further explained that due to the structure of SMA’s finances, rumors of directors and other leadership absconding with the alliance war-chest are entirely unfounded.

SMA will be moving to the Outer Ring region within the coming weeks. The region is home to the NPC faction Outer Ring Excavations, and known for being comparatively quiet and remote, as well as relatively ore rich.

The Imperium’s official reaction to SMA’s departure announcement came in the form of a ping sent out to Imperium members by The Mittani himself, and follows:

As per the amazing and heavily-edited ~lemba illum leaks~ we’ve been planning to offer our allies a place to boosh to, so if folks from SMA want to stick with the Imperium and the war, have your CEOs hit up corps diplo; we’ve been discussing as a part of fizzlesov mechanics for a while now – which is why SMA announced this very thing in their SOTA moments ago.

Ook ook!

UPDATE: The SMA Alliance meeting was recorded and uploaded to soundcloud:

SMA leadership had not responded to TMC’s requests for comment as of the time of publication. 

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This article was originally written by Baculus Orden, and appeared on under his byline.)

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