The Money Badgers Coalition (MBC) continued to make strong gains in a sovereignty see-saw heavily tilted in their favor as skirmishes raged across Tribute, Fade, and Pure Blind since Wednesday. While the MBC made gains in over two dozen systems, the Imperium was able to push back in a handful of areas, most prominently in the MDM8-J Constellation where Mordus Angels (MOA) has encountered some reversals since taking the constellation several days ago.

The Imperium is also re-contesting a handful of systems in Tribute and Vale of the Silent, most prominently UMI-KK, though the MBC is advancing in both regions. While the Imperium hopes to make Vale more of a grind than it has been so far, real battles continue to flare in western Tribute. Lazarus Telraven forced a Pandemic Legion (PL) Astarte fleet from the field after 5 billion ISK worth of Guardian logistics was annihilated. Other Imperium fleets in the area have struggled, however.

Fade is now largely in the hands of the MBC, though the Imperium still holds a constellation and a scattering of systems. Several pokes by MBC forces at D2-HOS in Pure Blind have resulted in prompt Imperium responses. The strategically critical system is vital for the Imperium’s ability to project power from Saranen into Fade, and will factor heavily in engagements down the road. The MBC was unable to complete entosis; the system and constellation remain firmly in Imperium hands.


Many of the Imperium systems on this map are currently contested, especially those not in the VNX-PO Constellation.

MBC is in serious danger of losing O-CNR back to the Imperium, more probably a personal failing of Exodus than of general MBC turnout in Fade. It will be interesting to see if Pandemic Horde and Northern Coalition can mount a more convincing defense of the region’s 7X-X1Y Constellation which is showing signs of Imperium resistance. NCdot was able to destroy an Imperium fleet in the area early Thursday, inflicting approximately 4.5 billion ISK in losses while suffering only 1.5 billion ISK of damages in turn.



What was probably PH’s entire strategic thrasher reserve was lost in 93PI-4, but they were able to recoup some measure of dignity a few hours later with a Worm composition. 93PI-4 stands as the gateway to Saranen and is often a main harassment zone at the beginning and end of Imperium fleets that must pass through the area.

Were you in a recent battle on either side? A lot of battles are happening every hour and I would like to get a more complete picture for future coverage. Please evemail me in game at Anschau. Killboard links to major, or even smaller battles, and brief war-related summaries/pushes in the right direction are very much appreciated.

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